| Get the right social anxiety help and support |

Do you wonder if you’re getting the right help for your social anxiety recovery?

How do you know that you’re getting good and right information from somebody in helping yourself becoming more confident?

I’m going to address that in today’s video.

Shaun, who’s currently enrolled in one of my courses, asks:

“Hi David! I recently wasted ¬£99 on an online course for social anxiety.

They only cover the basics compared to your course content.

The bit which bothered me the most is when talking about avoiding and safety behaviors they included optimal breathing and telling yourself to relax (meaning those are the behaviors that you shouldn’t do because they’re avoiding these behaviors).

This was the advice to psychologists.

They may as well do nothing just grin and bear it.

Am I missing the point or is it just bad advice?


Great question and I answer it and more in the video, so do watch it now.

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