Have you ever seen that TV show Seinfeld?GeorgeCostanza

Even though the show is off-air now, it’s classic crazy comedy, and one of the craziest characters hands down was George Costanza.

There was one ESPECIALLY funny episode.

It was an episode where George did the opposite of what he’d normally do.

He saw this really attractive woman.

Usually he’d walk up to her and brag about how successful he was – and basically lie to her to try to get her to go out with him.

But this time he decided to do the opposite and tell the truth. He told her that he was short, bald, without a job and lived with his parents – still.

The woman said yes to him RIGHT AWAY.

Later in the episode, he ends up getting an interview with the NY Yankees baseball team.

Instead of sucking up to the team’s owner, he decides to tell the truth about how they stink as a baseball team and why they’re making stupid choices.

The owner decides to hire him on the spot!

Bottom line:

Everytime George did something opposite of what he normally did, he was successful.

And guess what?

The same goes for confidence, too.

People that talk about fancy techniques in order to build confidence and even get people to like you.

Instead of being honest and being congruent with how you are in the moment.

Yes, confidence can be faked to a certain degree.

But that’s no fun.

Trying to trick yourself and other’s into believing you are confident when you don’t feel confident.

Or trying to “think your way out” of shyness and social anxiety and into confidence.

Thinking only gets you deeper into the hole.

Thinking, thinking, thinking.

And yet, you can’t fight your mind either.

Or believing nasty, negative things about yourself and creating an elaborate story of why you have social anxiety, intricate and complicated and…


To believe and put energy into your complicated reasons and excuses for why you can’t.

So take a look at what you are doing, and consider doing things like George would.

By doing THE OPPOSITE of what you normally would do.

You might be really surprised at the shifts you might just have.