I see it all the time with people, especially with professionals who have a measure of success already…

Ambitious, career-mind people frustrated and struggling with confidence issues in the workplace…

…especially with getting shy, timid and socially awkward around “higher-ups” whether seeing them in the hallways and/or ESPECIALLY in groups meetings or work functions.

You know, around your directors, managers, executives (Vice Presidents, CEOs, etc) or any type of senior level person at your company that are above you on the chain – and you get intimidated by them.

Whether you’re a professional like a skilled programmer, engineer, doctor, lawyer or any kind of higher level professional (yes even sales people!) where you just shut down and lose confidence in ANY situation around powerful people…

…or whether you’re at a small office or in a medium-sized or even a big organization….

…this fear and anxiety around the higher-ups (high value people) can CREEP UP on you at anytime causing a SERIOUS LACK of confidence, anxiety, bringing shy and shutdown behavior….

…to where you get paralyzed and don’t know how to act or what to say, even though minutes before seeing that high-value person or showing up for the meeting, you had all these awesome ideas to share and TONS to contribute!

WTF, right?!?!

It’s as if you knew exactly what to say, do and how to bring value and then suddenly there’s an Internal Blackout” just like when the power shuts down in your city.

Or maybe you even can say your ideas but they just DON’T IMPACT them and you might as well have been talking to a wall and you’d get a better response!

And what’s WORSE is this:

You have spent a lot of time thinking of how to improve things in your job position, how to contribute, but that feeling of fear, anxiety, and even UNWORTHINESS or comparison to others hits you out of left field.

What’s worse is that it feels like you are completely OUT OF CONTROL with the feelings and negative thinking that seems to overtake you…

…and you just have to sit and wait with the Internal Blackout hopefully subsides.

But never in time for you to actually get your ideas out around your higher-ups or even your colleagues that you respect at work.

And guess what?

It’s not your fault!

You just have believed it to be out of your control (limiting belief) but it’s not!

And what most people do is try to push themselves to “just do it!” or “just say it!” but that never really works in the long run, if you can muster the courage to say it at all.

If “just do it” would have worked by now to be able to speak your mind in your workplace, you would have done that by now!

I get it, because I’ve been there too.

I used to get really nervous around higher-ups when I worked in technology at a law firm, and then a hedge fund.

It was like I’d be hit with a freight train of paralysis, and just freeze up or get super quiet for fear of rejection, that I wasn’t good enough, or smart enough, etc.

So I’d sit there quieter and quieter and “play it safe.”

Until I decided to get my “professional confidence” handled, so I had control of my mental power station so I could stop those Internal Blackouts from happening.

Things became so much better once I broke through it all.

You see…

You can have your own breakthroughs!

You can GET CONTROL of this and learn to be confident, assertive and express the ideas that will get you noticed, promoted and making more money within your company…

…or if it’s time to change companies be able to be confident in interviews in front of powerful people to get a better job position.

And guess what? When you handle your professional confidence at work all other areas of your life will get better too…it’s all CONNECTED.

So do you want to fix this?

What we can do is jump on the phone for a Breakthrough Session and lay out a MASTER PLAN for you to break through in your professional confidence…

…so you can get to the levels of success you want AND DESERVE in your career.

Yes, we’ll talk about personal too, but I find lately that the people who really want to get a handle on their professional confidence and never look back, are the ones who start to kill it in other areas of life too… including social circle expansion, getting into the dating scene, or finding their ideal relationship.

If you are ambitious like I was to fix this, especially in your pro-career, then let’s talk in a complementary Confidence Breakthrough Session.

Get your session NOW:


P.S. If you’re on the fence about applying, afraid to move forward, consider this…

…that the same fear that holds you back from being confident in your workplace is the same one holding you back right now. So TAKE ACTION in a new direction, one small step and let’s get you a SOLID PLAN together to fix this….