Hope is great to have when you’re in the dark but If you want to move forward, it is not enough.

A quote for you today…

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”

–Dalai Lama

I like the DL – he’s a cool and wise dude.

And though he’s pretty studied and experienced in the ways of a particular flavor of spirituality, he’s still human like you and me.

Here’s what I really see him saying here:

Where you are at on your confidence journey, look for whatever light you can.

It also means not to judge yourself for what you are going through.

That will only keep you stuck.

Hope Is Not Enough

Hope is great to have when in the dark as the Dalai Lama (DL) says above.

And of course, when you are in bright times you should capitalize on that.

Actually we should capitalize on both, and there is something to DO in both cases.

But one thing though…

…on this “hope” bit.

If you want to move forward, hope is not enough:

  • if you are hoping that you confidence will grow without working on it (in the right way) it won’t…
  • if you are hoping that you’ll have the friends and relationships in your life without doing things differently than you are currently… they won’t…
  • if you are hoping you’ll be rewarded at work with better pay without increase your connection skills because you know that (and your lack of social confidence) is holding you back, you won’t…
  • AND if you are hoping that your social anxiety will magically resolve it, I’m sorry but it won’t!

I really do wish hope were enough to make confidence progress and get results in the real world.

However, I haven’t found a case yet where hope will move us forward alone when there is tangible progress to be made.

Act Now

So if you are ready to made real-life, tangible confidence progress and aren’t making any…

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