cageTRAPPED in a “Cage of Anxiety”

Do you ever feel like you are trapped in a CAGE OF ANXIETY and that you can’t escape from?

Like maybe you are suffocating and it’s hindering your life in MASSIVE ways?

And no matter what you do it’s like life, other people and even YOU keep putting you in a box and you are so restricted in your self-expression that it seems HOPELESS?

Yeah I’ve felt like that too.

That closed in feeling when you try to talk to people but you JUST CAN’T DO IT.

Or you try to just “believe in yourself” but that doesn’t work.

Or you feel that cage holding you in when trying to start or carry on a conversation with high-status people that would help your career or business but you FREEZE UP.

Or maybe it’s in talking someone you are attracted to but you stall out or EVEN WORSE can’t even get the guts up to speak to them, or make eye contact, or even get near them!

And as the years go by NOTHING EVER gets better, or in fact it just gets worse and worse…

…and it’s like a cage has been built around the old social anxiety cage, and now you are even MORE TRAPPED!

But this is isn’t even the real problem here.

The Real Problem

The REAL PROBLEM is that you believe that you can’t break free of the cage which means you don’t believe you can change and that you have no choice!

Big mistake!

Because you DO HAVE A CHOICE, that’s what you don’t really see and that’s part of the anxiety cage, actually.
Or what you do is you rely on something like “hope” that might give you a glimpse of what could be…

…but just keep living in “Hopa-Hopa Land” in some made-up fantasy that feels kinda good (but not really) because you never move forward in life or break out of the cage of social anxiety.

Feeling hope over and over again actually is keeping you stuck!

When I speak to people every week of every months I see lots of people hoping and getting excited, but not really being committed to getting control first, and then taking the necessary action to make the changes required…

….to BREAK OUT of the cage of anxiety and into confidence.

And they anesthetize themselves with books, videos, social anxiety blogs, TV shows, movies, games, food, alcohol or whatever it takes in order to not face up to the cage of social anxiety, and doing what it takes to pick the lock and get out!

Staying at home, wondering about what could be but still stuck in the same ol’ cage…

…as the YEARS GO BY and life slips away with no more confidence or success that they desire.

Having a Solid Confidence Plan

Just like Bill who came to me really FRUSTRATED with himself and his life.

Bill even had “friends” tell him he should just accept and move on with the fact that he didn’t have a relationship, or a partner, or was even dating and that he should just accept his awkwardness.

That he also should accept where he is at in his job, and not try to make any changes.

This is the opposite of hope, this kind of “bad acceptance” and not doing anything to make the changes he WANTED DEEP DOWN.

Bill and I talked on the phone and I showed him that not only was it possible to change things, but that he would have to start making new friends that would support him in his endeavors.

And within two weeks of working together he got a new job paying 40% more money, started getting along with his co-workers much better, and started getting out on the social scene within weeks.

And guess what it all started with?

That’s right it started with a solid CONFIDENCE PLAN that we came up with for Bill.

So that he could get over social anxiety and become more confident and connect with people more easily to affect all areas of his life.

You can have your own version of this too.

And it required you do something DIFFERENT than you usually do.

Like I said it all start with YOUR PLAN, and one that will help you fix this so you can have the life and confidence that you want.

What we can do is jump on a no-cost Confidence Breakthrough Session together and go through your biggest challenges, set your goals and then talk about exactly how to get out of your situation and FIX THIS for you…

…so just click on the link below and let’s get moving on this plan for you:

It’s up to you to make the next move. What will you choose?


P.S. Doing nothing new, or doing more of the same WILL NOT change anything. That includes reading more articles, videos and buying more Amazon books if that hasn’t worked for you already or gotten you any progress. This is about getting RESULTS so you can have the confidence, success and life you want BREAKING FREE from the cage of social anxiety…