Are you ready to wake up to newfound confidence and inner strength?stamp collection

I hope so because today I have a special quote for you.

Here it is:

“Suffering humanity is like a group of people living alongside a raging river that threatens to overflow its banks. One man says, ‘I’ll escape by staying in my home and occupying myself with my stamp collection.”

-Vernon Howard excerpt from The Power of Your Supermind

I thought this quote was really appropriate for social anxiety because of the man who shuts himself up in his house, hiding from the world.

Maybe you are hiding from meeting new people to enrich your social life, have the friends you want, and enjoy great relationships.

Maybe it’s in terms of finding a new job, one you really like and you have to get out into the world and interact with people to do so.

Or starting or being more successful in your business and lack of social interaction and confidence is affecting your bottom line somehow.

Yes, it’s all possible to do.


Whatever the case is, just hiding away from it won’t ever solve it.


​I think you know that, don’t you?

Just like the man with his stamp collection denying that the river will overflow and overtake his house, hiding away from his problems.

You see, suffering isn’t bad in and of itself.

It’s just our mind system telling us something is up.

A very small part of the time it’s about an external force.

But the majority of the time, suffering is completely within our own thinking, beliefs and habits.

At first this process can be intense, but over time it gets easier and easier.

And it’s certainly easier in the long run than the dull aching pain of social anxiety governing over you for the rest of your life.

I do believe that to be successful in dealing with this you have to be “all-in.”

You have to be so sick and tired of it, that you are willing to do ANYTHING to beat it.

Not only that, but you really also have to want to create a brighter future for yourself.

You need to use both motivational forces, The Carrot AND The Stick.

So if that sounds like you, and you want to beat this thing down, truly, and also create confidence and success like you have never had before, then I have some times for Confidence Breakthrough Sessions in the next few days.

In this session, we will get down to business and to the root of your biggest struggles, create a vision of an awesome, new (realistic) future that you can start taking action on sooner rather than later.

But only if you are sick and tired of this and really ready to move forward, because truthfully not everyone really is.

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You can change this and make MASSIVE progress I promise to be all in for you in the session, and more importantly YOU have to be “all in” for beating your challenges and going for the success you deserve.

That’s the only way it can work.