Email Coaching With David

One-Month of Direct Access Email Coaching
(Includes Social Confidence Training Modules)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do I know if Email Coaching is right for me?


    Excellent question! Email Coaching is right for you if you are 100% committed to applying and practicing what we discuss on a daily basis. If you just want answers to questions and aren’t doing to apply it in your daily life, then it’s not for you.

    But if you are open-minded and willing to practice and take action (don’t worry I work with everyone where they are at even if you are super-anxious) – then Email Coaching is probably a solid option for you.

    Since it is a monthly basis, you can renew month-by-month, or we can set you up with a monthly plan for 6-months of $77 per month if you receive a lot of value out of trying one-month.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    The policy is that there are no refunds. Unfortunately I can’t offer these because I’m giving my personal time up to help you the best I can over email. Though I am here to guide you and support you to the best of my ability, the people that choose to work with me take full responsibilty for their action and progress overall, and are willing to practice and take action.

  • When does my Email Coaching officially Begin?

    It begins as soon as your login is created and you are given my private client coaching email address.

    The reason I say this is sometimes it may take a bit 24-48 hours to get you setup after you have paid depending on my schedule and my assistant’s availability. The clock for the month won’t start until you are sent your login materials, otherwise that wouldn’t be fair.  However you are free to start emailing me right away as soon as you pay, so you’ll get a bit extra than the month’s time.

  • How does Email Coaching work & what does it include?

    It includes direct email access to me (David) where you can email me anytime you wish within the month an UNLIMITED number of times. I give you DETAILED coaching and answers around powerful mindstate work (how to get control of your mind by what to think and practice internally), skillsets/behaviors (conversation, vibing, leadership, etc.) and even what to say and do in particular situations where you are stuck or need advice.

    Anytime 24/7 you can ask any question about confidence, shyness, social anxiety, social skills, the training modules I send you and truly anything you are struggling with – I am there to answer for you. I typically answer weekdays Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Mountain Standard Time, but may answer outside of those hours if I so choose and depending on my travel schedule.

    In addition, you will receive BONUS ACCESS to powerful core training modules that you can keep forever whether or not you decide to renew coaching. Since my coaching is completely customized to you, I will send you any additional materials I think you need during the time we are coaching.

  • Why isn't this publicly available?

    I don’t offer Email Coaching to everyone because not everyone is up for it, that’s just the truth. So it isn’t publicly available because I only work with people who take initiative and want to make progress and not tire-kickers who don’t want to practice and take action with what we discuss over email. You have made it here because I have assessed that you were one of those people. If you choose to dive-in to Email Coaching, I look forward to working with you!

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