Perilous Passivity Loop

There is a BIG issue I want to talk to you about today with beating social anxiety and gaining the confidence you DESERVE.

This one thing alone will set you apart from everyone else struggling with it and that isn’t moving forward.

It is THIS…

The major issue most face when not making much faster progress is being too passive and what I’d call “a noodle”.

What does that mean?

It actually isn’t quite what you think…

…because it has to do with WAY MORE than being passive in social situations.

And what is so frustrating is that you might not even realize you are doing it!

It’s discouraging to even try to be more proactive in social interactions only to fall back into your ‘natural passivity’ no matter what you do.

So you try harder, and hard each time only to feel more and more BURNT OUT and hopeless because it feels like so much work just to talk to people, let alone carry on an extended conversation without BAILING on it.

And that ends up causing A LOT of stress, frustration, confusion and fear….and even social anxiety and depression.

And the problem doesn’t get solved and continues to persist…often for years and YEARS.

I call it the “Perilous Passivity Loop”.

You think because you took some action and got out there that you are making real progress and then you “relax” for a while…

…so then you plan to do it again “soon” and right the high of taking action out feeling good and groovy inside.

And you can’t “wait” until next time.

And if it is your first time taking major action in talking to people, or taking an interaction or relationship further that is one thing to make SA progress…

…but many of you are “veterans” and have been at this a while or have been procrastinating on taking any real action…

…so what ends up happen with you becoming a more proactive person is NOTHING the Perilous Passivity Loop strikes again.

Maybe it’s a week before you take action again…

…or a MONTH…

…which turns into 3…then 6 months….

….then a FULL YEAR of passivity stuck in this loop!

And it’s not your fault when you don’t understand what is TRULY going on here.

The REAL Problem Is…


…you know what the real problem is?

It’s not that you are just passive in social situations.

It’s that you have become complacent and too passive EVERYWHERE in your life.

Especially with going after what you want.

Becoming truly hungry for it.

Instead of being “Hungry Like a Wolf” as the old song goes….

….you have become a Passive Noodle!

You allow other people to push you around and you let their internal reality dominate what you want and define how you are as just a “shy guy” or “nervous girl”…

…because you don’t key into what you truly WANT out of life and all the reasons you want to be confident…

…and then COMMIT to seeing it through!

Plus you aren’t tapped into the FIRE you need to really see this through all the way.

Sometimes you have to dig deep, and if you really want this, it’s there. It has to be, no one can give you the fire you have to find it within.

Believe me I know, as I have experienced this many times, and it’s something every single one of my clients has to face, too.

This goes beyond social anxiety…especially if you want to be TRULY SUCCESSFUL in your career, with your relationships and you life.

But the biggest problem with all this is what happens to your brain.

And you know what else Passive Noodles do that “Proactive Persisters” don’t do?

People that sit in passivity to “not lose” instead of “play to win!”

Don’t take the “risk.”

Fear the failure and avoid it at all costs…

…don’t dive all the way in to see it through and stay stuck in the status quo…sure it will all resolve itself someday….NOT!

But of course you have to realize how passive you truly are everywhere in your life…

..and without a plan of action this is much, much harder.

But the good news is that it does work if you do it right.

And you know what helps get that fuel for the fire to be proactive and really make progress.


When you have a solid plan that will get you the right direction and it will be inspiring for you to double, even triple your confidence progress.

Yes it’s possible!

Good News!

Here’s the good news BTW…

It wasn’t long ago that I was passively letting life slip by, and not being proactive in breaking through my shyness and social anxiety.

Not only in getting out there to take action in meeting new people, but all the time required at home to recondition the mind and emotions to becoming a much more confidence version of myself.

And you know what…sometimes I even slip BACK into passive mode.

But I know exactly what to do to get back on the horse of pro-activity so I can ride the plains of confidence in life.

It led to me meeting over 200+ people in a new town, and becoming well-known in a community of business people.

It led to turning many of those into personal friendships that I still have to this day and see these friends on a regular basis.

It has led to being able to quickly connect with people and befriend them so expand my networks and thus my life…both personal and professional.

What helped me the most besides finding the proactive fire and getting a plan together?

It is what I call the Confidence Breakthrough System and it has helped me and many others breakthrough to their next level of confidence & success…

…and beyond!

So if you are ready to stop struggling and start to really increase (and yes even double) your confidence WITHOUT wasting more time and more of your life (it’s going by faster as we get older) – here’s how you can fix this…

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On this call I am going to personally show you how the Confidence Breakthrough System can work in your life.

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P.S. Besides being too passive and not proactive enough, if you have the wrong system into place you are just going to burn precious time away and not be building the solid foundation to double your confidence.

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