| Does positive thinking work? |

Does positive thinking work or not in helping you overcome shyness and social anxiety?

Does it help in building your social confidence?

Today’s video treat is just about that.

A reader asks:

“Hi David –

I have to be honest, I tried turning negative thoughts to positive thought route for 20 years and only masked a deep feeling of insecurity, inferiority, deeply embedded subconscious beliefs.

It was only one I acknowledged, felt these negative feelings, accepted them and then used EFT to tap on them by going negative and feel the shame, pain, disgust while tapping did it all begin to dissipate at a molecular level.

Social anxiety work without EFT to me is like breathing without oxygen.

This is the impact it has had on me.

It took a lot of work to tapping and then the change was instantaneous.

I’m sharing this because I can relate to you in so many ways knowing how hard you worked at this and EFT gets to the core unlike Cognitive Hypnosis Affirmation I did for 30 years.

Keep up the great work!”

So here’s what I have to tell him:

[+] Why some approaches don’t always work with everyone

[+] How to clear the thought that creates negative feeling and why it is important to do so

[+] Why positive thinking can be very powerful

[+] The best methods that work well for me

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