contestHere’s the deal on how to win a $400 value program set of two of my best programs OR for 1st place a $650 value triple program set – none of which are available for sale publicly at this time.

This includes a set of my 12-module Dissolve Social Anxiety program and the Social Success Secrets 2014 Live program recordings (where you hear me coach people live as well), and Maximum Social Success 2013 live program recordings (1st place winner only).

Pretty sweet if you ask me.

All of these programs have helped many people to get great inner and outer results in being more confident and having more successful in all areas of their lives.

Here’s how you can enter the contest for which THREE people (both men and women can enter) will be selected to win the program set.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:


To share the message and help more people get help with this free training, share the it one of three ways (or all three if you want). Once you have done them, shoot me an email at with screenshot(s) of how/where you’ve shared it.

Here is the link for the webinar replay you’ll need to share:

You only have to do ONE of these, and I understand that sharing on your public profile might be embarrassing for some, though some have already shared it loud and proud!

Know that I will take into consideration those that share more – though it’s not the only deciding factor.

A. FACEBOOK SHARING: To share on Facebook go to…

You’ll see a Pinned Post at the very top of the page with you can share directly, or grab the info from.

B. PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP OR OTHER FORUM: To share in a private group or forum, just copy the Facebook post as described above and put it there.

C. SEND AN EMAIL: To share with one of your family or friends (as many as you like) via email just copy and
paste this message.

“Hey XXXXX –

There is great free webinar training coming up this Thursday,
August 27th that I thought you might benefit from. It’s called
Mastering Social Freedom with David Hamilton and it is to
help guys who feel shyness in social situations holds them
back, that want to build up their confidence to have more
success and realize their potential.

It’s free to register, if you want to join.



The final piece will be revealed at the webinar on Thursday, August 27th – and don’t worry it’s easy but it does require your participation. If for some reason you really can’t make it, let me know and we’ll see what we can work out as long as you did step 1 already.

Make sure to register for the webinar here, if you haven’t already:

I will be announcing the winners on Saturday, August 29th (or sooner if I can).

Good luck on your entry, and see you at the webinar!