How To Conquer Social Anxiety Like A Greek Hero

Have you read “The Odyssey” by Homer?

Let me sum it up:

Odysseus is a badass warrior who spends 10 years trying to return home after the Trojan War.

This story can teach you a lot about how to conquer social anxiety and shyness.

You see –

At every turn, Odysseus is juuuust about to make it home…

…then he falls into another dangerous trap.

He confronts a giant Cyclops.

He faces the wrath of the gods.

He gets serenaded by seductive Sirens.

But here’s the kicker:

Throughout Odysseus’ journey, he knows that greedy “suitors” back home are trying to take his wife, Penelope, and steal his throne of Ithaca.

To Odysseus, failure ain’t an option.

The hero battles through 10 years of living hell to reunite with his family.

He knew exactly what he’s fighting for.

You know what?

If you’re gonna overcome social anxiety and shyness, there will be obstacles that pop up.

You need a “why” like Odysseus to succeed.

So –

What’s your reason to build self-confidence to conquer social anxiety?

What does your success mean for your family?

Do you want to prove it to yourself?

Do you just want live a life that makes you tapdance out of bed every morning?

Get out some paper and WRITE IT DOWN.

How you want to be, what you want to be doing and what you want to HAVE in your ideal life.

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