| The #1 Skill to Connect with People POWERFULLY |

What do you think is the one skill that shy people lack more than anything else, when it comes to talking to people?

Wanna guess?

It isn’t listening.

It isn’t asking questions.

It isn’t even¬†how to start a good conversation.

I’ll bet you already know what it is…

The hardest thing for socially awkward or anxious people to do is to…


I bet you can relate.

For fear of being judged, appearing to self-centered or narcissistic – when you get locked up in SA I bet that you get so self-conscious that you can’t talk about yourself.

Am I right?

Here’s the TRUTH:

In order to connect with people and for them to get to know you and trust you – you have to talk about yourself MORE and in the first person.

You have to make “I-Statements” and talk about what you think and feel, and not just about things or objects and others in the third person.

Get my meaning here?

That’s just a fact.

Even more specifically, if you really want to deepen the connection with someone you have to get VULNERABLE with them.

And that is what today’s video post is all about.

Watch the video now.

I encourage you to be confidently you wherever you go.

You are already brilliant and amazing, but for your lying negative thoughts that say that you aren’t awesome already.

You can use this powerful skill to charge up your conversational connections, anytime, anyplace…

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