Hi there - thanks for applying for a Breakthrough Session! Your application has been processed and I really appreciate you filling it out.

Given your application, it's just not a good fit to help you at this time with coaching via a Breakthrough Session, so I am unable to do the session with you. The fact is I'm just not able to help everyone with these, which is a limitation on my part, not yours!

If you need some form of ongoing support here is what I recommend to you:

OPTION #1: Confidence Breakthrough Monthly Membership $1 Trial

When enrollment is open (I notify everyone on my email community about this), I highly recommend to try out the $1 trial to my Confidence Breakthrough Monthly membership program - it's a great resource to help you with your social anxiety and confidence issues at no risk to you!

Here's the link to sign up for the waitlist for that: http://socialexpression.net/wait-list/

OPTION #2: Therapy

You also might want to seek out the help of a therapist/counselor in your area for your challenges if that feels like a fit, too and hopefully one that specializes in dealing with social anxiety or have gone through it themselves.

I hope these options help you. I wish you the best of luck with everything!


Founder and Confidence Coach