| Can you get rid of social anxiety? |

Have you ever wondered:

“Can I get rid of social anxiety?”

“Can I TRULY overcome it?”

Today, I have a question from a subscriber I’d like to share with you on this very topic.

He asks me:

“Can I really get rid of my social anxiety?

I have tried lots of advice I’ve seen from lots of different blogs but no one proved me.

Is it that I’m trying to run away from how God wants me to be?

I strongly have a feeling that it’s going to be difficult to change from a natural makeup of introvert to extrovert.

Perhaps I still need help from a transformer like you, Sir.

Thanks for having an interest in my social anxiety.”

All great questions (as usual) and I answer them here in this video response…

I encourage you to leave any other questions you have beneath the video, and I’ll get back to you in the comments below it…

I hope it helps you and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments with any questions or thoughts!

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    2 replies to "Can You Get Rid Of Social Anxiety?"

    • Mihir

      Nice video David,, as always,, thanks

      • David Hamilton

        You’re welcome man!

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