Here’s something I know

The frustration and loneliness of social anxiety or extreme negativity and shyness is really PAINFUL.

It causes you a TREMENDOUS amount of suffering, right?

I know because I went through a lot of it throughout my childhood, teenage years and much of my adult life.

I know how it’s something that you constantly ruminate in your mind about…

…wondering how you got this way and wishing it could be different…

Thinking and thinking, ANALYZING how you are, how things should and could be different…

..wishing and hoping someone or something might come and SAVE YOU.

But no one is coming, and that’s the TRUTH of it.

I know you you really wanting to reach out to people, even just say hi, start a conversation and feel comfortable being you without feeling awkward, judged…

…or constantly fearing REJECTION.

Not to mention all the negative and insecure thinking that just makes you feel like crap, with low-self esteem being your primary way of feeling throughout the day.

No it doesn’t have to be this way.

Or maybe it’s at work where you just don’t feel comfortable around your peers…or in group meetings.. or perhaps around your boss or other authority figures.

Which you know is directly affecting your success.

Like Fatima who within weeks from being super-shy and anxious all the time was speaking up assertively in meetings which got her put onto a big project in another country by her manager, sending her up the career ladder to more success!

Or Brian…

…who’s going out by himself to events and also inviting people over to his house, as he is kicking butt at work and in his relationships there, too. He’s even considering his next career move and becoming more ambitious because his confidence is WAY up since we started working together.

This is possible for you too..even though it feels like there’s an invisible WALL around you and it’s so hard to reach out or you have the thoughts “I just couldn’t do it.”

It’s not your fault BTW, that you are where you are at.

You didn’t realize or have the right information and system up to this point.

So if this is something you want to FIX…

…what we can do is jump on a call and get to the root of what you are struggling with the most, and lay out a plan to fix it, including some powerful ways to do just that.

The cost? NOTHING.

Jump on my calendar here for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session:

All so you can beat shyness and social anxiety and stop feeling so frustrated, frozen and out of place in social situations at work, in your personal life…pretty much everywhere!

It doesn’t have to be like his, struggling with the pain and frustration of social anxiety and negative thinking ruling your life, you can learn to be a confident and successful person socially and in all areas of your life.

The choice, as always, is yours.

P.S. I mean it when I say we will dive right in on the Breakthrough call will be all about helping you figure out where you are really stuck, and how to get to being the confident you…

…that you KNOW is deep down inside you. Then in the last 5 minutes if I think it’s a fit, we might talk about working together. But not until with get a CRYSTAL CLEAR and solid plan to fix your confidence problems…