This one may be a little controversial for some today.

I often get emails from people that can’t afford my help.CannotAfford

I get it, we’ve all been in a financial pinch.

Over the years I’ve put up lots of free help.

For some people, the free stuff here is enough.

For others, not so much.

I even had a guy at one time tell me he’s unsubscribing because using my free stuff helped him so much that he didn’t need to be here anymore.

That’s awesome.

Unfortunately, he’s a rarer case than a more common one.


Because this shit is hard to overcome on your own depending on many factors.

It’s not your fault, it’s just the way it seems to go.

So I have two options for you. I can’t know if you’ll agree or like them, but these are the two that come to mind.

  • Go All In With the Free

Coming to the point that you are going to do whatever it takes to overcome SA with the free stuff, can be really powerful.

It’s it a harder road than getting some professional help.

Yes, I think so.

But if that’s all you can truly afford, then what other option do you have?

I say “go all in” with it!

Get your hands on every free resource you can and dive in.

Take it seriously, and you’ll probably see results.

With this approach, there tends to be less personalized attention.

Sometimes less investment, but that really depends on the person and how invested they are.

I know I’ve done with and over-complicated things as well.

This one is simple, not much more to say.

This next one requires more explanation.

You’ll see why.

  • Think Investment, Not Cost (and Borrow if Necessary)

You better believe this section will be longer.

Because I know this to be true.

This one may rub some of you the wrong way, and that’s OK.

I’m not here to be liked, I’m here to help from the best way

I know how.

Yes, I do make my living as a coach, but you know that.

I could make my living as a mechanic, or day trader but I choose this.

That’s the disclaimer. Take it for what it’s worth.

OK, so….

What I want to talk about here, is first seeing something you purchase as an investment in yourself.

Not a cost.

Not a drain or burden.

But a true investment in your growth, that gets REAL results.

We all think about things in terms of a cost / benefit ratio, especially when buying something.

I’ve noticed that people with SA / shyness who tend to have a risk-averse mindset, thinking about costs far more than the benefits of something.

Distrusting, unsure, uncertain.

I get it, but it can be that very distrust that holds them stuck for years in their patterns.

Living a contracted life, closed-in and away from the world.

Like life is passing by as a spectator, just as I said in my last email.

No matter what benefits you put in front of them, they find ways to see the cost being far beyond the benefit of the

It makes sense.

But something’s gotta change, right?

When something has value and can help you it really is an investment.

You have to see the value from the inside-out though.

Without seeing that value from inside of us, we’ll never invest.

Aside from overcoming the “cost-mindset” issue. (More on that below).

Now it’s true the value may not be there.

But it also could be true that it’s the mindset has everything to do with it, not the value of the program or whatever it is you want to buy.

That’s why I’ve had former and recent clients that couldn’t afford a program tell me that they have borrowed money from a family member or friend for one of my programs.

Even in my recent Social Success Secrets group mentoring program.

Hell, I’ve done the same for my own personal and professional growth, even in the last year.

I think these people have a lot of foresight to borrow and invest.

It’s ballsy and bold, and I commend them for it highly.

They also know that they will make back many more times their investment, than the price of the program or coaching.

Especially since many people with SA might have a hard time making money, they have none to spend.

That’s why borrowing is great.

It’s a leveraged investment that will help them make more money in the long-run. Of that I’m sure.

Not only for that, but because they usually have to “sell” the idea to the person they are borrowing from.

That alone can help transform someone, and what they will learn from having a conversation about borrowing.

So much growth from that act alone, let alone signing up for something that will forever change their lives.

They are going all in, and they have a greater stake in it because they have put their money where their mouth is.

That’s what I think on not being able to afford it.

Because much of it comes down to cost/benefit understanding and our mindset around something.

I’m currently looking at invest in another coach for myself.

What I get, is that price has very little to do with it.

There are coaches I wouldn’t pay $100 to, that charge that little.

There are coaches that charge $12,000 or more that I’m considering working with.

Because of the value they have to help me get there faster.

Which goes far beyond the cost.

If you truly can’t afford it, go all in with free.

If you see that you might have a costly-mindset happening for yourself, re-evaluate and consider investing and borrowing.

Whether it is me or some other professional. But they have to know what they are doing though.

Especially because traditional psychology is a very lost field.

I have therapist friends that tell me how miserable lots of therapists are. It’s sad they don’t know how the mind works, and it’s simple when you know.

I might just be a HORRIBLE fit for you as a coach and teacher.

It’s true, I’m definitely not a fit for everyone.

But I could be a great fit as a coach that could help you make your life soar.

Hard to say.

But you never know without considering the possibilities.

In the end it’s in your hands.

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Until next contact. Over and out.