| Boost Your Self Confidence Immediately |

Something I realized is that how much relaxation helps to boost your self confidence.

Most of us already live in a Westernized civilization where a lot of things happen in our heads. We take care of so many things and think about them so much that we forget about the rest of our body that support our brain.

You have to remember that sometimes you have to be relaxed and be in your body so you can boost your self confidence.

One trick I have to share that you can do immediately is the proper way of breathing to help you be relaxed.

Do diaphragmatic breathing and when you do it you have to calm down, regulate anxiety and get rid of stress.

You need to focus breathing down into your perineum.

You inhale and when you exhale, you have to feel it down there in that part of your body.

It may sound weird and funky but it works really well and I suggest that you practice it and add it into your breathing routine. And if you don’t have yet start doing one.

Always remember to tune in to your body and your breath to help you be relaxed.

You may also search about grounding, breathing and get tips for relaxation to boost your self-confidence.

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