| Should You Worry About Being Socially Awkward? |

A big part of social anxiety is being socially awkward:

  • Not knowing what to do.
  • Not knowing what to say.
  • Not knowing whether or not to hold eye contact.
  • Not knowing how to stand, sit or walk even.

You just feel AWKWARD, and you know it shows.

But, I think, trying to prevent yourself from being socially awkward is the wrong approach to solve this.

It is a symptom of what’s going on, not what really is going on.

I get people emailing all the time wishing to cure the symptoms, but focusing on that doesn’t work.

In this blog, I talk about people that both are locked down with social anxiety/shyness AND people that are socially adept, and the difference in how they handle awkwardness, and what you should do about it.

SPECIAL NOTE: This coming week the DSA Virtual Support Program is back online.

It’s an option to work with me in the Dissolve Social Anxiety course via email feedback and support, for those who don’t want coaching calls, but also want more than the Basic Recovery System for support.

You can read about all the program levels HERE.

Here you go:

(Click it quick to get rid of that socially awkward freeze frame!)

So what did you think?  Is that too simple of a solution or is it the right way to go?

Should you just go for it more and not worry about being socially awkward?

So many questions about social anxiety come up and into my inbox everyday.

I thought this was an important one to address and answer, because I hear about it often from folks just like you struggling with social anxiety.

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