Ever see the movie:batman

“Batman: The Dark Knight”?

It’s a great movie, very psychological, and… packed with all kinds of ideas on how the mind works and human behavior.

For example:

There is a part where a money launderer from China flees to his homeland to escape the jurisdiction of the Gothan District Attorney (since the Chinese won’t extradite one of their own citizens.)

So how do they get the bad guy?


Batman has no jurisdiction.

He isn’t constrained by borders.

Or laws.

Or politics.

And so, he goes to China, gets the guys, and delivers him like a nicely-wrapped Christmas present to the Gotham police.

Anyways, why am I telling you this?

Because when you get control of your mind, your actions and your life the way I show you, you aren’t affected by any jurisdictions, either.

You can be confident and social anywhere you go.

In any city or country in the world, including the one you live in, of course.

It doesn’t matter your race, either.

Or your gender.

Or if people judge you (and yes they will).

You are like Batman — you can make your own identity, be free of any preconceived ideas or judgments people have about you.

That is the beauty of overcoming your shyness and developing a confident attitude like you never thought possible.

Which is what we work to accomplish with full support in…

The Confidence Mastermind for Men.

Six men. Six months. Complete confidence upgrade.

Leadership and social skills to boot.

Awesome social and life results.

But only the dedicated and committed need apply:


It isn’t for every guy, but if you have a high commitment-level in wanting to solve your confidence problems once and for all, then you might be a fit to apply.

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