This is for you if you are ready to start overcoming social anxiety FOR GOOD, and building the confidence you know you need to have the life you want and deserve.

Every week, I talk to people struggling with social anxiety and shyness who are not really serious about overcoming it and their confidence and social awkwardness issues.

They watch tons of videos, read bunches of articles and even hang out in social anxiety forums….any and all kinds of free stuff.

But they are NOT serious. They “dabble” with all of these videos, articles and forums and just HOPE and wait.

Bad News Ahead

It is virtually impossible to overcome social anxiety and build your confidence so you can be at least normal and then successful too WITHOUT using the right mental and behavioral strategies through consistent PRACTICE and ACTION.

Sure you can read articles and watch videos for a month or two and they can make you feel better, and possibly they inspire you to start a conversation here or there, or to get out of the house…

…but eventually the momentum runs out and your stuck looking at you wall in your house, or maybe watching Netflix, playing video games, and wishing your life was DIFFERENT….

….and with overall net ZERO progress in beating your social anxiety, building REAL social confidence, let alone meeting new people and making new friends, or taking advantage of social opportunities that are literally all around you.

Then it is back to the “hope hustle” for you…

more video watching, article reading, forum lurking or commenting with all the other negatively minded folks there, or joining yet another free group, channel or blog hoping you will beat social anxiety, and feel confident one day.

WARNING – Thin Ice

That is what the signs say that cities like mine- these signs are up all over the place in the fall and spring in Denver to warn people that if they walk on the ice they will fall right through.

The same goes for you my friend.

You are walking on THIN ICE.

All these “hope strategies” are like a drug that makes you feel good for a short time, and you are back to where you began.

And actually the more you watch, read and lurk the more it signals to you that there really is no hope, because none of this is actually working, and deep down you know it!

Not only that – but the BIG SHIFT that is happening in the world as technology isolates us more from person to person contact, so we don’t even have to leave the house to go shopping, or do anything at all!

I have been watching this trend for years now, and it’s bigger than EVER.

That means the window is closing FAST in my opinion because it’s only going to get harder and harder to connect with people in real life (just look at virtual reality) and that’s bad news for overcoming social anxiety and social awkwardness that I know you struggle with.

The big shift has already started – and there is no way for any of us to stop it.

Not only that but life is PASSING YOU BY and you & I both are not getting any younger – it only gets HARDER to overcome this as the years slip right by you.

But there IS still time to take action on:

  • beating your social anxiety so you can be the confident and successful person you really want to be…
  • meeting new people at the drop of a hat…
  • having people like you INSTANTLY and connect with them in ways they not only remember you but want to hang out with you and BE AROUND YOU.

But you have to make the move NOW.

Not a year from today…or even in a month if you truly want to beat this!


There are a TON of ways to get out of the house to breakthrough your social anxiety, build confidence through meeting and connecting with people and a very good chance you can beat this far sooner than you think – and really build out the life you want…

….in your career path, with meeting new people so you can make friends and have fulfilling relationships in your life.

I’ve got more friends than ever, and actually make ones pretty much each month. Many of my clients have done or are doing the same.

Which gives them something much better than hope…which boils down to REAL RELATIONSHIPS and opportunities that come from them for happiness and success!

So if you are ready to start overcoming social anxiety FOR GOOD, and building the confidence you know you need to have the life you want and deserve – click the link below, tell me a bit about your situation and we will jump on a free Confidence Breakthrough Session.

On this call, I am going to show you the 3 things you are likely doing right now that will sabotage you ever having the confidence breakthroughs you need to be happy & successful and ensure you never get to where you really want to be in life.

Then I am going to help map out a very specific and personalized plan for you and show you exactly what you need to be doing TODAY to truly start beating social anxiety and building your self-confidence and social abilities to levels you haven’t imagined before:


P.S. It’s time to stop letting life pass you by and watching everyone else around you suceeding and having what you want. Confidence and success is all around you waiting for you to claim it. Book a session and let’s get this fixed FAST for you…