Learn how to be authentically confident in your connections with people that would lead you to be successful in all areas of your life.

A Confession

I’ve gotten off track in my social life.

“What?” you’re thinking…

The guy who’s teaching me to be social is off track?

Yes it’s true, because I want you to know I’m not perfect.

Even though I’ve handled my shyness and social anxiety, I still slip up like the next guy.

It’s not that I don’t have friends to hang out with or talk to…I have plenty of those.

It’s not that I’m not going out for dinner and drinks and the like.

It’s not that I don’t meet new people on a regular basis…I do.

It’s just been feeling too…well…a little too EMPTY and one-dimensional these days.

Authentic Connection

But last night I woke the f$#K UP!

And I immediately started telling my friends about it.

Because where I’ve gotten off track is that I lost priority on WHAT’S IMPORTANT to me and what I value most.

And luckily I’ve built relationships up over the years that even if I slip up, I can always recover, reconnect and get back in the game, in what I’m about to tell you of how I “fell off the wagon”…

The reason I did everything I could to overcome my serious shyness and social anxiety disorder was because one thing has always been HUGELY important for me.

And that is to…

Authentically CONNECT with people.

To really feel that I’m getting inside someone’s world when I interact with them, and to let them into my world which has brought me such a richer experience in my life…

…not to mention placing me as a leader in communities and affording me other opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

I’ve been very driven but I’ve been working too much and neglecting these connections, or making sure that I connect with people as authentically as I can, when I can.

Authentic connections are meat & potatoes that I need to feel alive and fulfilled, and actually are a huge support to my continued success in my life.

Can you relate? Is that something you desire too?

Because trust me, it’s not good thing to know a lot of people but have no REAL relationships where you can open up and not act like some perfect (or hidden) human being.

That would be the WORST thing if I taught people how to meet people, but only in superficial ways.

Rich relationships and connections have always been important to me, and I still do have them …but I’ve been neglecting them a bit too much in the last several months.

One of my HUGE strengths is my care for people and my sensitivity to their situations, which at times I can wall myself off from, especially when I get too driven like I have been lately.
So let me ask you…

  • Is the quality of your connection with others important for you, too?
  • In fact, that’s what you have done up to this point in order to protect yourself I’m guessing to wall yourself off, right?
  • You’re not able to be vulnerable and express yourself as you want, true?

Keeping it ALL inside, like an emotional prison that you are constantly living in.

Desperately wanting to connect with others whether that’s socially or at work…

…and feeling TRAPPED inside, paralyzed, with no way out to express yourself as you TRULY want to.

But it’s not working anymore for you, is it?

You KNOW it’s holding you back from creating the connections you crave which lead to…

  1. making NEW friends easily….
  2. building trust and rapport effortlessly so that you get promotions and raises…or new clients if you own a business…
  3. to having the opposite or same sex feel attracted to you and “let in” to your world in a way that draws them to you…
  4. having more charisma and personality in your social expression so that people are drawn to you like a magnet…

…can you relate to any or all of that?

I get it, believe me, I do.

You’re so anxious, nervous and afraid that people will judge you if you express yourself more, reach out and connect by being more vulnerable.

Nothing could be further from the truth actually.

(Brene Brown an awesome psychologist talks about the power of vulnerability and how to do it right, look her up on YouTube).

Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t written about the important of authenticity and vulnerability more.

But now I see the importance of it across the email I receive, and how important it has been for me in making connections with people FAST and converting those connections into new friendships…

…let alone continue to strengthen and richen all the relationships I have with friends and family now.

How to be confident and authentically connect with people


If that is something you are interested in learning how to do, on the path to defeating shyness and social anxiety…so you can not just be confident but be AUTHENTICALLY confident in your connections with people, while leads to “congruent success” where you don’t feel like some kind of faker…

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