Guess what I’m doing right now?talkingtoothers


That’s right.

It is a Friday night and I’m WORKING.

The social confidence coach isn’t being social on a Friday night!


I even skipped out on a free ticket to an awesome art opening exhibit earlier this evening with complimentary appetizers, red wine and great art.

Not to mention new and probably cool people.

(I love artsy crowds.)

But there was work to be done. Or rather I made the choice to do work. I was on vacation all last week on a road trip and was late getting back into the groove of work.

But tonight…

…I am still GOING OUT.

Right now, in fact.

I’m meeting up with my friend who went to the art exhibit and we’ll have a couple drinks, catch up and talk to some people.

No pressure, just out to have a good time, which is exactly how it becomes when you handle social anxiety and shyness, build your confidence and know what to say and do to start and maintain conversations.

We talk to men and women.

We talk to PEOPLE.

You know….I could easily work all night, but I’m not going to.

There’s even a part of me that wants to, because I love working.

But, I’m on a mission to expand my social circles again. It is part of my life vision. My new STORY.

That won’t happen if I work all night long.

Or if I decide to go home and watch Netflix all night.

Or play video games.

Or browse internet forums.

[Insert a stay-at-home-activity here]

A balance has to be struck if you want to meet new people and just be out and about social. Not to mention building your confidence and conversation muscles.

There’s no shame in staying home, maybe that is what you really want. This email really isn’t for you then. No worries.

But if you don’t want that…

…Or are complaining to yourself in your head why you don’t have the confidence, connections and therefore the success you want, maybe it’s time for a change.

Look, you don’t have to go out to the bars by any means.

If you aren’t even sure what you want your life to look like, what goals to set and what the path to that new life is, I get it.

You need CLARITY most likely.

You want to be out and about, but don’t even know where you’re headed.

You’re like a ship that wants to leave port, but the water is choppy and why would you go out when you don’t know where you’re headed, let alone how to manage the challenges in the vast unknown ocean?

That is where I might be able to help you, if that sounds like you.

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