A special note for you ambitious but super-shy ladies out there today…womanwithSA

Are you a woman who’s frustrated with a lack of confidence around people?

So much so that this shyness and anxiety is really affecting your life?

And especially in your professional career?

If so, read on because I want to tell you a story about Fatima.

Fatima came to me in November really struggling with her interactions at work.

She’s a smart and talented IT Professional.

Her lack of confidence at meetings, with co-workers and her superiors was getting in the way of her career growth, and she was really having a hard time with it all.

To the point that when we talked over Skype (Fatima lives in the Middle East) she was in tears by the middle of our call with how painful her social anxiety was for her, especially at work.

She couldn’t stay in conversations long with co-workers.

She’s afraid of speaking up in meetings so her superiors and clients were questioning her competence, even though she’s really good at what she does and she knows her “stuff.”


She was hardly ever feeling calm around people, and didn’t know how to start and maintain conversations – without feeling constantly awkward and nervous.

I could clearly sense the rocky road ahead for her all too clearly, that was paved with not only more isolation at work, but even worse…

…I could clearly see how she was on the path of losing her job because of her shyness and lack of confidence around people, at work in particular.

I can tell a talented person when I talk to one even when they have extreme social anxiety.

And more than that, I could also feel that Fatima had a really good heart, and desperately wanted to connect with people around her.

She was very easy to connect with when she relaxed and opened up in the session.

Besides being an ambitious professional who wanted more success, she simply wanted to be comfortable in her own skin and feel like she was good enough as a person.

So she could not only succeed more but ENJOY life more along the way.

Can you relate?

I’ll bet many of you can.

What I love most about Fatima is that amidst her tears, she never ONCE played the victim.


She never blamed anyone else for it.

Fatima knew the problem was one inside of her and no matter how she got to his place of deep frustration and anxiousness, she knew that she had to take responsibility to fix it and change this from the inside-out.

I made sure she knew that she wasn’t to blame (by any means) for being at this point in her life…

…but I also made it clear that without ownership of her issues, of which she was now fully aware, that NOTHING would change unless she DID SOMETHING about it.

And she knew it, too.


…where is Fatima now?


She decided she wanted to fix this, and she dove in to working together to change her confidence and upgrade her social skills.

We are now 8 weeks in and Fatima is FLYING like I don’t think either of us imagined.

Guess what?

Now SHE is the one starting conversations with her co-workers on a DAILY basis.

Instead of getting invited to lunch and often awkwardly declining, now SHE is inviting people out to lunch and maintaining conversations.

Fatima is strengthening her relationships with the partners in her IT firm, and all around her – which will ensure her upward mobility in her career.

She is even starting conversations with people outside in the elevator in the office building she works in, which means more personal and professional connections.

Because success is all about RELATIONSHIPS with other people. And she’s building them everywhere, every week.

She’s also able to stay in conversations and exercise the mindset and skillsets she is learning to apply.

And here’s one of my favorite SUCCESSES she’s had in the last two weeks:

In a group meeting she was able to speak up and contribute in the way she always wanted, so that her manager is sending her to a foreign country to work onsite with a client, directly!

That would not have happened before.

Which means career advancement, more responsibility and more money are in her future.

The success she finally DESERVES is already happening and more is on its way.

AND…her job is more secure than ever, because all her confidence problems are falling away.

She is so much more calm and actually enjoying her interactions most all of the time which was unheard of before.

All because she was willing to dive in, full-on to the process of change and get on the path to resolving her confidence issues.


What about you my friend?

What is it that you want?

If this story has impacted you at all, and you want to talk about what it would take for you to be confidence and succeed then I invite you to apply for a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session.

We will jump on the phone and map out a clear path past your biggest blocks, into the confidence and life you want both personally and professionally.

And we will talk about how to fix it.

It’s 60 minutes of me helping you get clear on all of this, and what you need to fix to where you want to be in life.

And only if it’s a fit, will we talk about working together.

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Because if you don’t know EXACTLY where you are and where you are headed it’s far harder to get to the destination to the Lands of Confidence and Success.

I’ll be in touch very soon.


P.S. Because my primary mission has been to help men fix their social confidence issues, I don’t offer these sessions up to women very often.

P.P.S However, some of my favorite people in the past to help have been women and their confidence issues, especially helping women who struggle in a professional setting…which I’ve found is a major issue for overly shy and anxious women…so go apply now if you want to take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY now…