That title of an old Beatles song is so true.

As cheesy as it sounds, love is a freakin’ powerful forclovee that heals many-a-thing.

It is a massively creative force in the world.

Would you believe that love can be the answer to bringing more confidence, more connection and better people skills?

Beeleee-dat, my shy homey. It’s true.

Though romantic love is great, I’m talking about a much wider definition of love here.

From a really basic standpoint you need to “vibe up.”

By “vibe up” I mean you need to actually live more in that feeling of love for life and your existence, a feeling of general positivity – more than a negative one.

Said another way…

Vibe Up = Love Vibe = Positivity

Vibe Down = Fear Vibe = Negativity

This has HUGE effects on being a person that people are naturally attracted to and want to be around.

That is if you want people to be attracted to you instead of having to do lots of hard work to meet people and make friends.

Hey, I’m still working on it myself. But I have come a long way as I know many of you have. Some of you may be starting this journey, and that is OK.

I can hear it now…

“But David, I feel so negative all the time because my life isn’t how I want it. How can I be loving when things are just so wrong in my life?”

That’s the problem right there. Blame it on you life not being where you say you want it to be, and you’ve created a vicious circle of negativity.

You are vibing down each time you think that is real. It is not real, it is what you are creating via thought your entire of experience of life.

That is what got you there in the first place, BTW.

Remember that victim thing I talked about before?

Playing the victim just ain’t loving, unfortunately.

Until you decide to stop blaming where your life is for how you feel.

The really great thing is, we are only ever a thought away from vibing up to love.

Yeah, baby!

It is simple, but not always easy.

If you want to take advantage of the love vibe and it’s power, you have to start seeing how Life loves you, everywhere and that it supports you and brought you into existence, for no good reason at all.

Got it? Good.

Get practicing on being more loving with yourself, in your attitude towards your life and other people and things can begin to shift very quickly.