Are you too often afraid of expressing yourself in group situations?

It could be around people you don’t know that well…

It could be at a meetup event or a party…

It could be at work in a group meeting where you are EXPECTED to contribute your feedback.

When it comes your time to talk, you might talk just A LITTLE but not much more, and nothing of real value or that interesting.

Or it’s a meeting where people are expected to interject and speak up, but there’s just NO WAY you can do it!

Or maybe…at the time you freeze up and have nothing…but when the meeting or group is over…you think of all these things you COULD HAVE said.

And what’s worse is that you actually have something inside you to express or contribute but you just feel so stuck or paralyzed to do it!

But you know what the REAL ISSUE here is?

It actually has two parts to it.

#1 You fear rejection WAY too much

#2 Which leads to that fact that you aren’t able to take A RISK, even a small one.

Because you fear rejection too much, and aren’t willing to take risks you don’t express yourself or speak up and you stay stuck in this cycle…

…for years and YEARS even!

I know it’s frustrating and the undeniable and sad truth here is THIS…

Most people DO NOTHING about it that struggle with this very issue.

They let the years go by with that NAGGING FEELING of wanting to escape from this…

…wanting confidence and success, having hope even sometimes…

…but they don’t change, your thoughts, feelings and behavior all remain the same…and their life STAYS THE SAME.

And you remain totally stuck and frustrated and there’s no end in sight to this kind of life.

You want to know what’s worse?

Then they justify with reasons & explanations of “why” (which are excuses that keep ’em stuck) as to how their situation is unique and if they

“…only had a better upbringing…”


“If I didn’t have a socially inept mother/father…”


“…if I had a better career and made more money…”


“If I only was better looking or like JOHN or JANE THEN this would all be okay…”
They tell themselves over and over, complain about their life, other people, their parents, and even blame themselves too much (self-pitying)…

…which is the path of NO PROGRESS and ZERO SUCCESS.

Total suffering and misery, sometimes which gets smothered over with “information binges” of reading all the articles…

…and watching all the videos and dousing their brain with “info crack hits” with NO PROGRESS.

Guess what they also don’t have?

A plan to get out of it, and change it.

BTW…what’s your plan?

If you don’t have one, then you NEED one.

Just like Chris….

…who came to me as an already talented corporate trainer but had a real problem speaking up in group meetings, with social anxiety around it and had just started a new position at a small company as a training leader.

He had never lead like this before and knew he had to interact with the management a lot so he could not only be successful in his position, but do a great job of designing and leading a powerful training program for the company.

Chris also wanted to be more proactive in his social and dating life, not leaving things to chance in meeting people which also would lead to meeting more women, not to mention flirting more!

He also felt lacking in his relationship with his daughter, and being inexpressive…something she struggled with too and he wanted to role model for her.

So I helped Chris put together a SOLID PLAN to fix his confidence issues, learn to be more expressive at work in his new position, and in his social and dating life too.

We identified the limiting beliefs and social skills problems he had so everything was clear on what to do…

…and now he’s rocking it with his confidence and life in the areas of career, social/dating and even in deepening his relationship with his daughter.

He’s interacting with the vice president of his company well, and feeling more confident in his position.

He’s being proactive more socially and in expressing his interest with women and flirting.

He’s busy again and hitting his groove and making progress he wants.

You can have this kind of success too

Of course, it looks different for everyone….

…but you can have the confidence, success and make the progress you want in all the areas of life which matter to you…

…whether that is in meeting new people, establishing fulfilling and powerful relationships personally and professionally, advancing your career and making more money, or even bettering your dating life.

Isn’t it time to get a plan together and fix this?

So you don’t have to feel held back with anxiety and a lack of confidence so you can express yourself in all the ways that would move you forward, have people connect and like you more, and make the progress you REALLY WANT in your life?

Here’s what we can do

Let’s you and it get on a FREE Confidence Breakthrough Session, just you and I and pound out a solid plan. Just click on this link below, fill out some info so I can know about your situation and let’s book a session…

You don’t have to stay stuck and mired in social anxiety and lacking confidence…it starts with taking the first step.


P.S. REMEMBER, one of the key things people that never make progress is they don’t take even the smallest of risks in moving forward, using just a little bit courage which EVERYONE has the power to do…

P.P.S. What is it costing you to wait on this? The best time to start making progress isn’t later it is NOW. Just fill out some info at this link and let’s jump on a call together and work out a plan to FIX THIS for you…