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Let’s start with the money. With this program you can make anywhere between $97 or $114 per sale, depending on how the customer pays. The beauty of promoting this program is that you won’t be promoting and offer directly.

You will be promoting free content in the form of a webinar called “Rapid Social Confidence” that will occur on Sunday, November 3rd at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern.

You will be giving your list free content. I will make the pitch for the program at the end of the webinar, and send directly to the leads on the webinar list about the program as well.

You can choose to promote the offer directly as well, that is up to you, but this is not recommended.


Promotional Window for the FREE Webinar: Tuesday, October 16th up until Monday, November 11th

Registration Period: Begins, Sunday, November 3rd and ends Monday, November 11th

Program Starts: Monday, November 11th

What is the Maximum Social Success Program?

This is a LIVE transformational coaching program delivered by David. This is a highly interactive program and will deliver the highest quality of content and coaching.

The structure of the program is  nine (9) content sessions (including Q&A) lasting up to 2 hours long. There will be at least one additional Q&A session per month besides the Q&A that goes along with the content call (more will be added depending on number of program registrants). That is a total of 12 sessions (minimum) that customers will receive.

There also will be:

A private Facebook group for interaction between calls
Bonus Audio Lessons (3 minimum)
Growth assignments
Accountability Partner setup within the course
…and early sign-up bonuses.

The customer’s investment in the program is $247 or three payments of $97.

To find out about the free webinar you will be promoting, and the entire scope of the program, please see these links:

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SALES PAGE for the Maximum Social Success Program:


Message from David

You are not just an affiliate – you are a partner here. You have been hand-picked to become a partner based on our alignment of integrity and values, as this affiliate program is not open to everyone. That is because we are dedicated to getting you all the resources you need to making your promotional campaign so you can make money. If there is anything on this page that you have a question about, anything missing, or anything at all – DO NOT HESITATE TO EMAIL ME at david@socialexpression.net directly.

Either I or my assistant Mia will take care of your question or request ASAP.

How to Become an Affiliate

In order to become an affiliate you must first register with our 1ShoppingCart Affiliate Program.

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In your 1SC Affiliate account, you can track Clicks/Impressions and Sales from using your affiliate link. These stats update at midnite Eastern time each day.

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In the Welcome email you were sent after you became an affiliate, you were given your affiliate link to the webinar. You can also obtain this through your 1SC Affiliate account.

What can I earn through the affiliate program?

You will earn between $97 or $114 per signup in commission. There are two ways a client can pay for it, and that will determine how you receive your commission.

Option 1 – The client pays $247 upfront, one-time payment. You will receive a $97 commission for this type of one-time payment.

Option 2 – The client pays $97 per month for three months (3-pay option). You will receive $38 per month for three months, as long as the client is a member. That is a total of  $114 if the client pays with this 3-pay option

How do refunds work?  What is the Guarantee Policy?

Because we believe so much in our programs, and also understand the power of offering guarantees creating trust and in converting sales, we have a two-tier guarantee policy.

Guarantee #1: If for any reason the customer is dissatisfied with the program, we have an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Guarantee #2: This is our one-year conditional guarantee, that if a customer went out and applied three things from the course and did not see any results, will we refund their money. They have to explain what they applied, and why it didn’t work. This guarantee is to help build trust with the customers in showing how much we are behind our product.

How is the payout handled?

All payouts can be handled through 1ShoppingCart’s (1SC) affiliate software. Through 1SC you can receive your commission by either by Paypal. YOU MUST HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO BE PAID, NO EXPECTIONS.

When will I be paid out?

Payouts will occur after the end of the 60-day guarantee. If in the very unlikely event that a payout happens after that and within the 1-year period, your 1SC affiliate account would be less the amount for the refunded amount. If you already claimed your money at the 60-day mark, that money is yours. But if you ever made commissions with us again on 1SC again in the future, you would have to make up for the balance within the account. Again, this is an unlikely scenario and the 1-year guarantee is to show the customer we stand behind our product in order to create trust and covert more sales.

Why offer such high commission?

Because marketing is hard and you have put great time and effort into building your brand and lists of subscribers. We want everyone to be paid well.

If you want to offer your own Signup BONUS to your list

You will be able to login to your affiliate account and generate a report of the sales you have made. From there you can see the contact info of who purchased the MSSP program, and you can deliver your bonus to them as you see fit.


(Note: Below this promotional email, I have placed several links to more free content you can use to send to your list, or any of the articles on this blog are up for grabs to use as promotional content to send to your list.)


Are you too shy?


Do you lack confidence around others people?


How to be confident in ANY social situation

(Use your discretion if you have a better headline than these examples)

***(Edit, modify or wrap your own text around this email as you see fit!)***

Hi –

When it comes to being confident around other people, many people are shy…or even socially anxious. In fact, most people experience some form of social anxiety at some point in their lives or in certain situations.

But I am not talking about everyone. I am talking to those of you who feel like this much of the time in most social situations. Maybe sometimes you can be social, but it is never a consistent thing.

You see, I used to be one of those people. I was shy, awkward and anxious all the time in social situations of all kinds. I had what they call “shyness and social anxiety.”

And it sucked. It really sucked.

I saw people around me who seemed to have all the confidence in the world, but why didn’t I? How could they so easily talk with people like they knew them forever? Why were they the life of the party, getting all the smiles, looks and respect from everyone, while I stood on the wall, staring and feeling like a lonely loser?

Why couldn’t I do that, too?

It drove me insane.

So I began the quest to figure out how to become socially confident. I wanted to know how to begin conversations smoothly and easily. I wanted to know how to charm and connect with others like those outgoing and extroverted people everyone seemed to love.

I even made lists of behaviors I observed that confident people seemed to have. Things like making strong eye contact, smiling more, speaking loudly and the list goes on.

Truth be told, I sometimes was able to do what they did, eventually. But the problem was I could never be consistent in being social, and when I got a bad reaction from someone, it felt like the world came crashing down and my shyness and anxiety was at an all-time high again.


I had to start all over, and it just felt like I had made zero progress.

It was so extremely, incredibly…frustrating to no end.

Can you relate?

So I made it my personal mission to overcome this shyness and social anxiety and learn to become a social master.

But why a master?

You certainly don’t have to learn to be socially confident if you don’t want to. Not everyone wants to and that is fine. No hard feelings at all.

But for me, I knew both happiness and success happened through being social and making connections with people. I knew that my definition of success would come through having a big network that not only went wide, but went deep in connections.

I could clearly see that my career, dating life, relationships and more would all be amazing if I learned how to be social and confident in any situation.

Now, I have a wide network of friends, go on dates regularly and also many key deeper relationships that I never dreamed of having. I feel that I am very lucky, but I also put in a lot of hard work.

So who am I, really? I’m David and I’m just a normal person like you. But I have honed my skills to become an expert in social dynamics. I am out there doing this stuff every day.

I have made it my mission to help you become that confident person you know lives deep down within you. If you only had the right, real-world information at hand to become a socially savvy magnet.

Listen up, here’s the deal.

I am giving a FREE webinar called “Rapid Social Confidence” [http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK] on Sunday, November 3rd at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern time.

In this webinar you will learn the most important steps to building rapid social confidence [http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK], so you don’t have to struggle for years as I did. You can beat your shyness and lack of self-confidence much sooner than you think you can.

Register for Rapid Social Confidence [http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK]

I hope to see you there, to give you the best information that I have, and answer any questions you have on your journey to becoming a social success, on your terms.


David Hamilton
Professional Confidence Coach

P.S. [Leaving it up to the affiliate to add a personal PS and putting your affiliate link again if you want to]




(NOTE: These are additional free content from my blog you can send to your email list. Since these are raw articles, you will have to tweak with your affiliate links and a bit of copy wherever you see fit, inviting them to attend the free Rapid Social Confidence webinar)

https://socialexpression.net/the-burden-of-being-shy-and-sensitive (Replace after the “An Invitation” section header where I offer my DSA course at the bottom- you can put a bit of copy and your aff links for the Free webinar)




If these articles don’t suit you, for more articles by category – you can go to https://socialexpression.net/resources. On the right sidebar, see the “Categories” section to find more.


Want to break free of shyness for good? [http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK]

Social anxiety and shyness got you down? Become a social success today. [http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK]

Want to learn the keys to being socially confident, quickly? [http://YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK]

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