My name is David Hamilton and I am a professional confidence coach.

I have studied and applied tons of information on human psychology, self-confidence, conversation and connection to transform my own life, and help other people to do the same.

I am here to help you with:

  • Building core level self-confidence
  • Developing rock-solid connection and conversation skills
  • Become a more attractive and expressive version of yourself
  • Succeeding to higher levels in your career or business via more confidence, social skills and relationship building
  • Making the friends, connections  and building the social circles that fit your goals and lifestyle both personally and professionally
  • Handling interactions with people you see as “high-value” i.e. confident and successful men and women, attractive women, bosses, managers and successful peers
  • Learning leadership skills to gain respect and attract more people to you
  • Meet and date the women you desire

What’s My Story?

I struggled with shyness and social anxiety to the point where it interfered my life and self-confidence so much that it was a constant source of pain and frustration.

Now that I have cracked the code, I since have become a “social introvert” and I have learned from the inside-out how to be confident in a way that suits me and connect with people in many different types of social situations. I now help others do the same, so they can have more success in their profession, make more money, have better relationships with friends, family and the opposite sex.

I used to struggle terribly in starting conversations with people, and even making eye contact with them. I used to be so anxious just pumping gas at the gas station, or driving along the road, thinking everyone is staring at me. I could talk to women I found attractive, even when they were interested in me I’d literally freeze up or walk away, or be mean and defensive.

My life is totally different now. It’s 200% better since I decided to take responsibility for my shyness and anxiety, get control over my behavior and create the life I want. To where I can strike up conversations with anyone I want, expand my connections with people in my personal and professional life, talk to women and having more friends and acquaintances than I know what to do with.

Although we all have our different issues and our own unique flavors of beliefs, feelings and experiences in having shyness and social anxiety, it is my experience that our core beliefs, thoughts and feelings are very much the same when it comes to having difficulty in being comfortable around people in social interactions.

The constant worry and negative thoughts around being in social situations, fear of people, and constantly wondering if we’re being judged…fear of people are staring at us, as if we’ve done something wrong…the blushing, freezing up, having problems making eye contact with people.

The list goes on and on, and I’m sure you know them very well.

You are in the right place to get help from someone who knows the deal.

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What I Care About Most

There is only one thing I care about for my clients, and that is getting results. Real-life results that are tangible. I want my clients to no longer be held back by shyness, anxiety and awkwardness, and to live the life of their dreams.

If you truly want to live your best life and are tired of shyness and social anxiety dominating your life, preventing you from having a great social life, so you can have the career you want, to be able to date and have the relationships you want, and to make friends wherever you go, so that the social possibilities are limitless, then consider that one-on-one coaching might be for you.

What Else Do I Do?

I’ve been a musician since I was 10 years old – I play guitar, sing and write songs.
I love having drinks with friends in a happy hour style get together
I practice Taijiquan a martial art that most don’t think is a martial art
I love keeping in shape at home or at the gym with bodyweight workouts and traditional weights
I am constantly studying personal growth, human development and spirituality
I love studying about business and entrepreneurship as well

Where Should You Go Next?

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Best of luck on your journey to confidence and success. You DESERVE IT!

-David Hamilton

Confidence & Success Coach
Founder of SocialExpression.NET