Absolute self-confidence in the Holy Grail to those suffering with social anxiety. Isn’t it?  It was for me when I was still overrun by social phobia.

To be able to say or do anything and have it all go your way, no rejections, no stumbled words, everything is just PERFECT.

Well my friends, people with self-confidence know that this perfect picture is a flawed one.  It is part of the problem that perpetuates your social anxiety, I’m sorry to say.

But there’s hope, because letting go of this perfect picture and knowing the real trick underneath is one of the master keys to becoming confident.

I talk about it all in this video here.

Yes indeed, I did mention a few different factors in this video, but the one main key is how confident people deal with “rejection”, which if you’re showing up being your best self, living from your values (being authentic) it’s as if there’s no rejection at all.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts and questions below.

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    • Paul

      I agree David, another guy I follow actually has a really good video about this exact issue as well. He just not brushes it off though, he recommends even commending yourself for taking action even if it did no go well.

      Action is his criteria for success, not what happens after. This mindstate of his has been very helpful for me so I like to share it with others here. Here is his video about that concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uew-cWMDsQk

      Another thing that has been helpful to me is talking and interacting with people purely for feeling the uncomfortableness of being outside my comfort zone. When I am social for this reason I somehow enjoy it :) I think part of the reason is because I welcome the uncomfort – because I know it’s what makes me grow. I kind of love it. I think that’s the key.

    • Michael


      I appreciate all your work, your thoughtful, insightful videos and content. I am sure your story is an inspiration to many, a story that SA can be overcome with the right mindset and tenacity…alot of tenacity.


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