Confidence, fiducia, confianza!no

(In English, Spanish and Italian:)

How I love to make higher levels of confidence happen for people, myself included!

I love empowering people with confidence which includes the right mindstate and the tools to generate it, the skillsets and success they want in their lives.

So today I’m going to give you some extremely useful tips on the subject I have named:

“9 no-no confidence building mistakes to avoid”

However, before you read them, just know this:

I call them “no-no” since they have cost me a lot of time and energy. Maybe somehow they’d work for you, but for me, they’d be dumb to let myself (or my clients) to fall back into.

So that said, here are 9 no-no confidence mistakes to avoid…

1. Not focusing on mindstate as more important than skillsets, tactics, things to say etc. Always looking for the next right thing to say as if that will fix the problem

2. Not working heavily on being OK with where you are at right now, good enough even with all your “problems”

3. Waiting for the perfect time to work on yourself, and your people skills

4. Caring what others think especially friends and family about the fact you are trying to improve yourself or have a problem

5. Saying it’s “inauthentic” to practice new beliefs and behaviors because they don’t feel right and deal with the uncomfortable experience of learning to be more positive

6. Thinking you can do it all with “free” material when you are completely stuck and haven’t moved forward significantly in months or years. (Goes into deeper psychology of investing in oneself and worth)

7. Not doing everything you can to make building confidence and being social fun! :)

8. Spending too much time mentally masturbating about what your life could be like “only if” you were already confident had a better upbringing, were in a better situation, etc

9. Hanging around on forums or groups where people are too negative and more interested in complaining about how hard things are (reinforces negative mindset) and are more interested in that being their social outlet

OK, truthfully there’s a LOT more than that, but I can only cover so much in one email.

But if you did all you could to simply avoid doing these 9 things for 30-60 days, I can almost promise you will start to feel better, get more confidence, be more relaxed and have great conversationĀ skills, and start to build better connections which can turn into relationships of all kinds.

You’ll see new opportunities “magically” appear in your life because you’ll be more open and comfortable in yourself both drawing them to you and also being able to see them in the first place when they were right there all along.

That has been the case for me.

I think it could happen for you, too.


P.S. There is a tenth mistake I failed to tell you:

Trying to get there FAST or be really successful without letting more life pass you by without guidance.

At least, this has been my experience. I used to sit there and try to “reverse engineer” using just free videos, email and cheap ebooks with little or no success in moving forward in my personal confidence and success.

In fact, it would often sabotage me and damage my success.

Perhaps, it is different for you.

Maybe you are a natural born wiz at doing this.

But if you want to ACCELERATE and not only get to normal but get to where life is eventually amazing and you have all the happiness and success you want, then we can jump on the phone for a Confidence Breakthrough Session:

We will talk about your vision for your best self and life, your biggest challenges, fears and insecurities and how to overcome them so you can get to where you want to be.