Want to connect with people better at work?nottodo2

Specifically, with your co-workers?

(Not talking about the boss here.)

Making better connections with people at work is key to having a better experience of life AND making some potential lifetime friends.

So today I wanted to get you a powerful list of things NOT to do, or things to avoid when trying to make friends or better connections at work.

I know I made these mistakes over the years, and learned to correct them.

Here’s what you should avoid doing:

  • Talking too much about work
  • Not balancing work and play (too much play)
  • Brown-nosing to the boss too much
  • Trying to look smarter / better than everyone else, especially in meetings
  • Not greeting people first, waiting for them to say hi first or start a conversation
  • Never saying hi to someone you find interesting or want to meet
  • Walking around with a negative vibe / attitude (aka not building a positive mindset)

I was talking with a client the other day about how it can be just as important with what we don’t do, rather than just focusing on what to do.

That’s what we be talkin’ bout here.

And sometimes doing the opposite of what you shouldn’t do is good too. So try NOT to do those things OR sometimes you must do the opposite.

For instance in talking too much about work, you could simply not do that. And not need to replace that with an action.

However, in the “never saying hi to someone” point above, clearly you need to do the opposite, because doing nothing is not going to shift it.

You get the point.

So, don’t do those, Captain.