Wanna know how to be more positive?positiveselfimage

For the longest time I resisted positivity, and sometimes I still do.

But I know it’s power now, and when done right – it totally makes for a kickass life very quickly.

Because it’s all about focusing on what you want and when we think negatively we are constantly focusing on what we don’t want.

The mind doesn’t processing “don’t want” well at all.

Just like “don’t think about pink elephants!”

You have to think about pink elephants in order to not think about them… so it’s already too late!

Get my point?

So…here’s a “quick and dirty” primer today on creating a more positive self-image, and being more positive in general.

Which will not only make you feel better…

..but also will relax you more, make you get rid of shyness, make you more confident and also attractive to people socially.

The key is repetition and consistency.

Making it a habit or ritual that you enjoy doing (you can work that into your story as well.)

Here are the steps…

#1: NEW STORY: Write out your story of how you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have in your life, in the most positive way you can.

Do it without it feeling inauthentic or too un-realistic.

Just a little bit outside of your current “negative comfort zone”.

(This part doesn’t have to be done daily.)

#2: GRATITUDE. Be grateful and appreciative for what you have in your life, from the smallest little thing to the biggest you can think of.

#3: SPEAK IT. Now say your new story outloud and FEEL IT while doing it.

#4: LOVE IT OUT. Finish up with some more gratitude or self-love statements.


Do steps 2-5 daily in the morning and you may be surprised at what you find!

You can keep adjusting your story and the latest version gets more and more comfortable, slowly expanding the positivity.

You’ve got to rewire those neural pathways to make the changes you really want, and that takes time and practice.

Remember, you are the creator of your experience of reality, not a victim of it.

Feeling the victim is actually a powerful creation, too! :)

Not bad or wrong, just different.

Whether you tell a negative or positive story you are right either way and that’s what you get to experience of the world which dictates how you respond to it.