Go From Shy And Anxious Around People To Self-Confident and Socially Skilled.

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"David's program has helped me keep in mind and be aware of how I'm feeling, thinking and my behavior patterns that prevent me from being more confident and social. I really got great results from the constant reinforcement about acceptance in different ways through the program ...and much more!

Something I didn't expect to get from the program was that I'm even considering becoming a coach myself one day!

This program has been amazing, and David has been a great coach and guide through the process of finding more self-confidence at work and in my day-to-day life."

-Cris C. | Sales Professional

"Having been shy for most of my life, I have spent most of it avoiding talking to people unless necessary. I dreaded making small talk with anyone and when I had to, it was very short, awkward and uncomfortable.

Working with David has shown me that making conversations with people is not only possible - but also can be enjoyable. This is because he addresses the core issue of social anxiety - the mindset I had about situations, myself and others.

With his encouragement, I learned how to choose and continue to choose to take action despite my fear and discomfort. The results were surprising. Now I actually look forward to keeping in touch with friends and family, inviting people to go places, and even sometimes talking with complete strangers on the subway. Very grateful to have met you David!"

-Angie Lam | Medical Professional

"David's approach focuses on the foundational root in the mind of shyness and social anxiety, and a fair bit of the course is spent working eliminating this root cause; and reshaping this foundation into something with which to build on.

I found this approach very useful, providing me with tools to overcome my social anxiety. David is an excellent facilitator...it is clear he is passionate about this topic and caring about his students, genuinely wanting them to succeed."

-Ron F | Entrepreneur

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