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Do You Want a Great Social Life?

Be Self-Confident and Socially Skilled in ANY Situation

Guys – ask yourself these questions…

  • Are you a nice guy who needs help with his social life?
  • Are you a timid and shy  guy that just wants to the freedom to express himself more around people, wherever you are?
  • Are you decent with being social, but really want to take it things to the next level?
  • How about to socially integrate your work, personal and dating lives like never before?

If you answered “yes” you any (maybe all) of these questions, then know that there is a path, there is a way to having true social success. I have come a long way from the days of being socially awkward and anxious. I did a lot of it alone, because I didn’t have the resources available today, or further down this page. You see, there is no longer any reason to do it alone or make it more difficult on yourself than it needs to be.

That is why I have created the Social Success Mastermind for guys like you who have the desire to change…and want the killer support in having the best social life possible.

confident man bWhat is the Social Success Mastermind?

It is a group where you:

• Partipcate with men committed to progress, growth and more consistent results in their social lives

• Learn the inner and outer confident and social concepts, techniques to bring your social game to the next level

• Get live coaching, feedback and interaction with me and like-minded men to support each you in accelerating your social success and progress

• Take on customized group and individual assignments to support and challenge you to grow

Bring your social and life goals and challenges and we will help support you, give you feedback as a group, live on the calls

• Great for both single guys and men in relationships alike

Here’s what this mastermind provides in a simple formula:

Right Knowledge + Action + Consistent Support = Exponential Social Results

Mastermind Features:

• Two 90-minute calls per Month
• Length of program is 4-months
• Limited to 10 Spots
• Each call based on a topic that is pertinent to group learning and progress
• Recordings of each call in case you miss any
• Private Facebook Group to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and share resources between calls
• Weekly Social Wingman (Accountability Partner- setup (optional but HIGHLY recommend)
• Group and personal growth assignments
• This group is highly interactive and for YOU, so I will integrate suggestions and feedback as we go to help you get the most progress and results
Call Schedule:

Two Tuesdays each month at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
Call 1: May 7th
Call 2: May 21st
Call 3: June 4th
Call 4: June 18th
Call 5: July 9th
Call 6: Jul 23rd
Call 7:  Aug 6th
Call 8: Aug 20th
Bonus Final Call: Sept 3rd


Plus, receive these bonuses when you sign-up…

Bonus #1

Discount Private Coaching Calls during program – ½ price.

Single session rate is normally $150, only $75 per session for masterminders

Bonus #2

Complimentary Access to a full 2-hour video breathing and relaxation training to help enhance your life and social results.

So What’s the Price?



Your Investment:

$75 per month

(Four Month Commitment)

Begins Tuesday, May 7th

Limited to 10 Spots

(Enrollment ends Wednesday, May 15th);

I hope to see you inside the program.


David Hamilton

Coach/Founder of SocialExpression.NET and Everlutional.com

*If you have any questions, you can email me via the contact form here.