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New revised edition of the free eBook by David Hamilton, Social Anxiety Coach, former suffer of social phobia and founder of Social Expression. There's no doubt that you are sick and tired of living with social anxiety, and you want to get rid of it once and for all. This eBook describes the fundamental factors I learned in dissolving social … [Read More...]


How To Approach People Confidently

Is there a way to always approach people confidently? Well, the truth is there are MANY different ways - but the simpler we make things the better when it comes to being social. So in this video, I talk about the what’s the biggest factor that can STOP YOU UP EVERYTIME you want to approach or meet new people. I also talk about the #1 … [Read More...]


How Badly Do You Want to Become a Confident Man?

This post today is for the men (or those who want to step fully into being a man), not those who want to stay stuck in boyhood. Just being honest with you here. If a man can't be honest, then what is he? That's right, if you want to be a boy, or play around like a boy, this post isn't for you. (BTW the most attractive women like men not … [Read More...]

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The Truth About Whether Or Not You Can Change

A question that EVERYONE with social anxiety thinks about is this: "Can I really change...and for good?" The short answer is yes, but there's more to it than that. So... Today you're not going to hear from me, but from a coach and mentor that changed EVERYTHING for me in how I related to life, especially when I got caught in my own … [Read More...]

The #1 Reason Why Women Aren't ATTRACTED to Men ( Or Lose It for Ones They Love)

The #1 Reason Why Women Aren’t ATTRACTED to Men ( Or Lose It for Ones They Love)

I’ve got a POWERFUL topic for you men today. It relates whether you are single or in a relationship…. ...because it has to do with something that affects EVERY man in relation to women. Even if getting into a relationship seems like a faraway or impossible dream, but you want to be far more naturally attractive in relating to women… ...OR you … [Read More...]


When You Don’t Know How to Start or Continue a Conversation

I got this email the other day. It said... "David, my biggest issue is I don't know what to say when starting a conversation. Please help." -Frank (not his real name) Guess what? I get this kind of email ALOT. Guess what else? That isn't ACTUALLY Frank's issue. The real issue is that his mind is so clouded up with too much … [Read More...]

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How a Shy Guy Became a Confident World Traveler

Something very special today for you guys. It’s the story of a guy who many of you know already, who used to be really shy but just traveled South America for 3 months ON HIS OWN, when in his former life as a shy guy would have been totally out of the question, and not even close to a possibility. It’s none other than my friend and fellow … [Read More...]


How to be successful like Steve Jobs

We all want success. Don’t you? One thing I’ve learned is that the success line is arbitrary. And some of us want to be really successful, regardless. It truly is arbitrary, and very freeing to see that. But… I also think it is rare to be successful at higher levels without building up this one resource. Especially if you are really shy and … [Read More...]


Do You Have To Be Social To Get Dates?

I know a lot of people out there are wondering…“How can I ever date if I can’t be really social?” So is it true? Do you have to be social to get dates? The short answer is NO, you don’t. You don’t have to be some really dynamic personality. I mean, you have to be able to interact with someone. So if you are really shy at this … [Read More...]


Social Success Story: Guy with No Friends Gets Out of the House to Meet New People at Events

Today I want to share a story of progress and real-time social success with you. A story of someone like you. A guy who went from not going out at all... (and having no friends) getting 4 events on his schedule to go out and be social and meet new people. In fact, he’s a current group coaching client. Some people that come … [Read More...]

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Why I Hate Bars

Bars. Actually loud, busy bars. I have never been a huge fan of them. Or meeting people at them. In general they are: Noisy. Stinky. Often too much going on. Easy to get overstimulated. And yet, somehow they get revered as some kind of social mecca. More like a socially tortuous dungeon to me! OK...sometimes there are certain bars I … [Read More...]


Growing a Solid Group of Friends

Friends. It’s hard when you have a few… ….maybe only one… ...or none even. I empathize how tough that can be. So what do you do? How do you go from no friends to having tons of friends? The truth is you don’t. You can’t go from none to many. That’s a really bad goal to set. If you have very few or no friends there’s no … [Read More...]


When No One Likes You

Of all the negative thoughts someone with social anxiety experiences, this is a big one. I have felt that too in the past, I get it. Especially at home alone in my room I’d sometimes think that, even though I did have some friends. And it wasn’t true. It isn’t even true if you don’t have any friends. Maybe hard to see, but it’s that … [Read More...]


“I want help…but I can’t afford to get it”

This one may be a little controversial for some today. I often get emails from people that can’t afford my help. I get it, we’ve all been in a financial pinch. Over the years I’ve put up lots of free help. For some people, the free stuff here is enough. For others, not so much. I even had a guy at one time tell me he’s … [Read More...]


Missing Out On Life’s Experiences

The fear of missing out. Of the good things in life. Quite often people tell me it’s a really big deal for them when they sent me an email. They feel like they are missing out on life because they can’t express themselves in social situations. It feels like sitting alone in a cafe, when surrounded by people. Someone makes eye … [Read More...]


The Tao of Natural Confidence

I swear… My job in helping people really comes down helping people realize this simple fact: “It’s all OK.” As stupidly simple as that sounds (and it is), it really does come down to that. Because when are calmed down where we can feel that everything is OK, confidence is natural. Confidence flows out effortlessly. Thinking that … [Read More...]


How To Be A People-Persuader

Persuasion is a fascinating subject to me. It is not manipulation. It is not evil, bad or wrong... IF you do it with INTEGRITY. Positive persuasion  has to do with helping people decide what is right for them and to get them off of the fence. When they can't decide something. Ever been there? I know I have. I first learned about principles … [Read More...]


Why It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think

Do you spend way too much time being afraid of people, worrying about what they think about you? I know because I have done the same. In fact, some of those thoughts crossed my mind just today. Fun isn’t it? Makes you feel good right? Bleck! Makes me feel like crap personally. You know what I usually say to myself when those … [Read More...]


Getting Advice From The Low-Minded Forum Jockey

There’s something I often warn people about that are looking to beat social anxiety down. It’s the social anxiety forums. More often than not, they are full of people who don’t actually want to get better. More than that, it’s the low-minded, SA forum jockey you need to watch out for. It’s that dude who gives all this advice, but has SA … [Read More...]


Do People Think You Are WEIRD?

Got this question in an email from someone the other day: "David, What if I'm going to look or act weird in a social situation?" I’ve seen this self-inquiry, or one like it, many times before. Do you think this is a question that makes you more social...or more afraid? This question is the wrong question to be asking. The very fact … [Read More...]


Battling Shyness In a Time of War

Today I have a very special post for you. This message comes from someone like you in our community here. However there is one regard where he may not be like you and me, right now. He lives in a place where a lot of fighting has been going on for ages in Israel. I am not here to talk about which side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict … [Read More...]

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