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New revised edition of the free eBook by David Hamilton, Social Anxiety Coach, former suffer of social phobia and founder of Social Expression. There's no doubt that you are sick and tired of living with social anxiety, and you want to get rid of it once and for all. This eBook describes the fundamental factors I learned in dissolving social … [Read More...]


Growing a Solid Group of Friends

Friends. It’s hard when you have a few… ….maybe only one… ...or none even. I empathize how tough that can be. So what do you do? How do you go from no friends to having tons of friends? The truth is you don’t. You can’t go from none to many. That’s a really bad goal to set. If you have very few or no friends there’s no … [Read More...]


When No One Likes You

Of all the negative thoughts someone with social anxiety experiences, this is a big one. I have felt that too in the past, I get it. Especially at home alone in my room I’d sometimes think that, even though I did have some friends. And it wasn’t true. It isn’t even true if you don’t have any friends. Maybe hard to see, but it’s that … [Read More...]


“I want help…but I can’t afford to get it”

This one may be a little controversial for some today. I often get emails from people that can’t afford my help. I get it, we’ve all been in a financial pinch. Over the years I’ve put up lots of free help. For some people, the free stuff here is enough. For others, not so much. I even had a guy at one time tell me he’s … [Read More...]


Missing Out On Life’s Experiences

The fear of missing out. Of the good things in life. Quite often people tell me it’s a really big deal for them when they sent me an email. They feel like they are missing out on life because they can’t express themselves in social situations. It feels like sitting alone in a cafe, when surrounded by people. Someone makes eye … [Read More...]


The Tao of Natural Confidence

I swear… My job in helping people really comes down helping people realize this simple fact: “It’s all OK.” As stupidly simple as that sounds (and it is), it really does come down to that. Because when are calmed down where we can feel that everything is OK, confidence is natural. Confidence flows out effortlessly. Thinking that … [Read More...]


How To Be A People-Persuader

Persuasion is a fascinating subject to me. It is not manipulation. It is not evil, bad or wrong... IF you do it with INTEGRITY. Positive persuasion  has to do with helping people decide what is right for them and to get them off of the fence. When they can't decide something. Ever been there? I know I have. I first learned about principles … [Read More...]


Why It Doesn’t Matter What Other People Think

Do you spend way too much time being afraid of people, worrying about what they think about you? I know because I have done the same. In fact, some of those thoughts crossed my mind just today. Fun isn’t it? Makes you feel good right? Bleck! Makes me feel like crap personally. You know what I usually say to myself when those … [Read More...]


Getting Advice From The Low-Minded Forum Jockey

There’s something I often warn people about that are looking to beat social anxiety down. It’s the social anxiety forums. More often than not, they are full of people who don’t actually want to get better. More than that, it’s the low-minded, SA forum jockey you need to watch out for. It’s that dude who gives all this advice, but has SA … [Read More...]


Do People Think You Are WEIRD?

Got this question in an email from someone the other day: "David, What if I'm going to look or act weird in a social situation?" I’ve seen this self-inquiry, or one like it, many times before. Do you think this is a question that makes you more social...or more afraid? This question is the wrong question to be asking. The very fact … [Read More...]


Battling Shyness In a Time of War

Today I have a very special post for you. This message comes from someone like you in our community here. However there is one regard where he may not be like you and me, right now. He lives in a place where a lot of fighting has been going on for ages in Israel. I am not here to talk about which side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict … [Read More...]


When You Feel Broken, Separated and Disconnected

You know, I used to feel broken, closed-off and separated from the world all the time. Even after I broke through social anxiety. For years I was still up and down in my experience of having a happy life. Chasing and striving and trying to have things outside of myself make me happy - getting the girl, making the money, knowing tons of people … [Read More...]


Why You Should Be 100% Authentic

Are you ready? Get ready because this is crazy. WARNING: This is the longest thing I have ever written. And the most passionate. But there is some powerful stuff in here if you want to be inspired, and invited to a powerful experience. Read on... Authenticity. I find it is a really tricky thing to talk about. Easier said than done, … [Read More...]

top 5

The Top Five Challenges of the Shy and Socially Anxious (Survey Results)

Do you wonder what the REAL challenges and desires are of others (like you) that struggle with social anxiety or more extreme shyness? Do you ever feel like you are the only one to feel your issues, wants and dreams for having a life free of anxiety and full of friends and connections? Not some list made up by a psychological researcher in their … [Read More...]


Are You Really Committed to Becoming Confident?

The path to confidence. Every single one of you is here for that, right? I am sure by now you can tell, it isn’t an easy path when extreme shyness and anxiety have filled your world for so long. So the question committed are you to doing whatever it takes. I am actually not talking about doing what it takes to be confident, … [Read More...]


How to Be More Social Today

So I have decided that not every post here needs to be some long, insightful, inspiring post. It slows me down from providing more contact and support here for you, if I always focus on writing an “amazing” post. So I am going to start to send more inspirational snippets, a little more often. Don’t worry I won’t be inundating you too much. It … [Read More...]


3 Secrets to Creating Confidence (and Your Dream Life)

It’s the New year, rah, rah, sis, boom ba. Frankly my friend, I don’t really care about the New Year. I even stayed in when the ball dropped. OK, I went out with friends until 11pm, but then called it a night. I couldn’t be bothered. Let’s get on with it, already! Personally I am already full steam ahead taking action, using my social skills in … [Read More...]

low self worth

How to Gain Confidence When You Have Low Self Worth

Lately I have been diving deep into the subject of authentic confidence. Though I am listening to some audios and going back to some old material on confidence, this is a different kind of deep dive. I am exploring what authentic confidence means not only from an overall standpoint, but even more so, what it means for me, as someone who has … [Read More...]


Why Authenticity Equals Confidence

Lately I have been diving deep into what it means to be authentic. I mean REALLY authentic. I have been having my own personal battles with what it means to be truly authentic, and realize I haven't been. I have been called forth by a trusted adviser and friend of mine, as well as calling myself forward into authenticity with some things I … [Read More...]


The Burden of Being Shy and Sensitive

I think it is safe to say that most everyone here in this community is quite sensitive. The problem that we encounter is this: Too often, we take our sensitivity to be a bad thing, or blame ourselves for being sensitive. I am here to tell you to stop doing that. WE need to respect it. Not complain about it as a victim, but really to … [Read More...]


Three Reasons NOT To Get Over Social Anxiety

I have been called the “blue collar psychologist” of social anxiety. Though I am not trained formally as a psychologist but as a coach, I do take pride in that label. Because I have been in the trenches and also have explored many approaches and techniques on my own. I am a personal development nut, and always will be. I never will be in my … [Read More...]

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