New revised edition of the free eBook by David Hamilton, Social Anxiety Coach, former suffer of social phobia and founder of Social Expression. There's no doubt that you are sick and tired of living with social anxiety, and you want to get rid of it once and for all. This eBook describes the fundamental factors I learned in dissolving social … [Read More...]

The #1 Thing to Avoid in Building Momentum to Become a Self-Confident Man

Do you often feel like you can't build momentum to beat social anxiety or shyness and have the life you want? I have felt that many times. I still do sometimes, especially when learning something new or tackling a tough issue that is "sticky" for me. There is a reason for this phenomenon, actually. It occurred to me on Sunday morning as … [Read More...]

George Costanza School of Confidence

Have you ever seen that TV show Seinfeld? Even though the show is off-air now, it's classic crazy comedy, and one of the craziest characters hands down was George Costanza. There was one ESPECIALLY funny episode. It was an episode where George did the opposite of what he'd normally do. He saw this really attractive woman. Usually … [Read More...]

How to Find Your Purpose in Life as a Man

Ever felt directionless or aimless in life as a man? I know I have. Even though I'm fairly "on purpose" in my life because I love what I do with coaching, teaching, speaking, and serving in the world as I do, there are moments when I have my doubts, too. Like when I get TIRED of talking about confidence all the time and think "is this what … [Read More...]

Does Having a Porn Addiction Affect Your Confidence?

Have you ever wondered if there's a relation to watching too much porn and it affecting your confidence, or even making you more shy and anxious than you should be? Today we have a question from community member Miguel who asks... "Last month I came across a video, where this guy says that pornography and masturbation (P&M) could be … [Read More...]

The Confidence in YOU

"Struggling, struggling every day To overcome shyness to be more free To be the man I know I can be The confidence I seek is all WITHIN ME." I know how much you are constantly thinking about your confidence level (or lack of it). And it's painful. You're doing everything you can to figure this out, right? So you can have the … [Read More...]

How to Overcome Your Problems

Problems, problems - everyone has them right? Like... ...Not being able to talk to people on the level you want to or hardly at all ...Not being able to talk to women you find attractive ...Not being able to be assertive enough to stop being bullied by a co-worker or your boss ...etc. Well, not necessarily. There is a prevalent … [Read More...]

Why This Mistake I Made as a Little Boy Set Me up for Social Failure

I have a story for you that helped contribute to my social awkwardness. All because I was really selfish as a little boy. As I was working on further training ideas for The Confidence Mastermind upcoming group coaching group for men, I thought back to an experience I had when I was just four years old. Now granted I was only 4, I can see … [Read More...]

Why This Hot Girl Was Shocked by What I Said at the Bar

The other weekend I met this attractive blonde at a friend’s BBQ. She was in town for the weekend, and she was really cool. We hit it off, and exchanged numbers (actually I gave her mine and yes, this is easy to do guys.) A couple days later ended up going out for drinks in a hip little neighborhood. As I was ordering drinks at the bar … [Read More...]

Why Social Anxiety Can Kiss My Attitude

Don’t you feel like you wish social anxiety and ultra-shyness would just kiss your a$$ sometimes? You know like “eff-off social anxiety! You damn punk-a$$ motherf$!k3r!” Yeah...I get it. Been there for sure. AND… What you really should do is NOT to get angry at it, because that’s just resisting it. And resisting it makes it STRONGER … [Read More...]

How to Powerfully Attract Women with Positive Emotional Tension

Knowing what attracts women - is one of the most important subjects not only for those I work with, but has been for me as well. And I’m going to venture to say for most men - shy or not, and whether they know it or not. Sometimes it’s confusing to know what attraction even means let alone what you should do, right? One huge thing about … [Read More...]

How to Handle Extreme Negativity When You’ Re Caught in a Downward Spiral of the Soul

Through most of my life, I lived in a dark dark way. I was moody, negative, socially inept and regularly felt angst. Especially in my teens. Probably didn’t help that I took to grunge music, like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden even though I loved it back then in the 90s. (Still awesome music though!) So I am a MASTER of … [Read More...]

How to Build a Social Circle from Scratch for Shy Guys

So I asked what questions you had for me... ...and many of you responded. Thank you! So over the coming months I’ll be answering Q’s like the one below whenever I can. Here we go, the first one in quite a long time: “Hi David - I'm mid 30's and currently trying to start my own business which I'm doing from home. I live on my own … [Read More...]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Make Friends in the Workplace

Want to connect with people better at work? Specifically, with your co-workers? (Not talking about the boss here.) Making better connections with people at work is key to having a better experience of life AND making some potential lifetime friends. So today I wanted to get you a powerful list of things NOT to do, or things to avoid … [Read More...]

How to Get Mad Respect and Overcome Fear of Your Intimidating Boss

Are you intimidated by your boss? It is super common with people living with social anxiety like you and like I used to be. Top of the list. I am going to assume with this post that your boss is fairly normal, and your being intimidated has to do entirely with you and not him/her. Even if your boss is an intimidating jerk, and everyone … [Read More...]

I Want to Answer YOUR Questions

Do you have a specific question for me on: Overcoming shyness /social anxiety Building confidence Social skills Career success Dating, sex, relationships Anything related to overcome this and living the best life you can? If so - I want to hear from YOU. I will be answering as many questions as I can over the next couple of … [Read More...]

Are Looks Important for Being Socially Attractive?

Do you find yourself judging your looks A LOT? Maybe you wonder how much they have to do with your social attractiveness, and you think about it constantly. When I was suffering social anxiety I used to spend a lot of time thinking about my looks, even though I've done a lot to take care of my self and look pretty good over the years. I … [Read More...]

How to Be a Wealthy, Happy and Confident Man

Wanna have more wealth, happiness and confidence all at the same time. Good news because... It's interview day! Today's treat is not specifically about shyness, social skills per say. But it is about confidence, serving others by bringing amazing value and connection... and how that builds true WEALTH. Which is important for many a … [Read More...]

The Middle School Duck That F*cK3d Me Up

Are you a sensitive guy? I'll bet many of you here are, if not all. Underneath it all I'm a pretty sensitive guy, though believe me I can be tough and hold my ground. I have a story today about when I was in middle school which is when I believe shyness and social anxiety symptoms started to take hold, after I moved to a new town in … [Read More...]

The Nice, Silent Boyfriend That Was Left Behind

The strong silent type.. In general, es no bueno for social situations. Why you ask? Because confidence and social skills are the currency of the modern man. Look, I'm not saying that strong, silent men can't be confident. But it also can be a shield for their shyness - or so I have discovered. Good looks, big muscles and even … [Read More...]

Why Mental Masturbation Is Keeping You Stuck

Are you a mental masturbator (MM)? You know, "masturbating" by letting your thoughts go round and round and round in your head? Not fun, I know. I bet most if not all of you are frequent MMs given that you struggle with shyness and anxiety. It is just how it goes. Me? I am so guilty of it. It still happens to me. But... I also … [Read More...]

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