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New revised edition of the free eBook by David Hamilton, Social Anxiety Coach, former suffer of social phobia and founder of Social Expression. There's no doubt that you are sick and tired of living with social anxiety, and you want to get rid of it once and for all. This eBook describes the fundamental factors I learned in dissolving social … [Read More...]


How to Get Mad Respect and Overcome Fear of Your Intimidating Boss

Are you intimidated by your boss? It is super common with people living with social anxiety like you and like I used to be. Top of the list. I am going to assume with this post that your boss is fairly normal, and your being intimidated has to do entirely with you and not him/her. Even if your boss is an intimidating jerk, and everyone … [Read More...]


I Want to Answer YOUR Questions

Do you have a specific question for me on: Overcoming shyness /social anxiety Building confidence Social skills Career success Dating, sex, relationships Anything related to overcome this and living the best life you can? If so - I want to hear from YOU. I will be answering as many questions as I can over the next couple of … [Read More...]


Are Looks Important for Being Socially Attractive?

Do you find yourself judging your looks A LOT? Maybe you wonder how much they have to do with your social attractiveness, and you think about it constantly. When I was suffering social anxiety I used to spend a lot of time thinking about my looks, even though I've done a lot to take care of my self and look pretty good over the years. I … [Read More...]


How to Be a Wealthy, Happy and Confident Man

Wanna have more wealth, happiness and confidence all at the same time. Good news because... It's interview day! Today's treat is not specifically about shyness, social skills per say. But it is about confidence, serving others by bringing amazing value and connection... and how that builds true WEALTH. Which is important for many a … [Read More...]


The Middle School Duck That F*cK3d Me Up

Are you a sensitive guy? I'll bet many of you here are, if not all. Underneath it all I'm a pretty sensitive guy, though believe me I can be tough and hold my ground. I have a story today about when I was in middle school which is when I believe shyness and social anxiety symptoms started to take hold, after I moved to a new town in … [Read More...]


The Nice, Silent Boyfriend That Was Left Behind

The strong silent type.. In general, es no bueno for social situations. Why you ask? Because confidence and social skills are the currency of the modern man. Look, I'm not saying that strong, silent men can't be confident. But it also can be a shield for their shyness - or so I have discovered. Good looks, big muscles and even … [Read More...]


Why Mental Masturbation Is Keeping You Stuck

Are you a mental masturbator (MM)? You know, "masturbating" by letting your thoughts go round and round and round in your head? Not fun, I know. I bet most if not all of you are frequent MMs given that you struggle with shyness and anxiety. It is just how it goes. Me? I am so guilty of it. It still happens to me. But... I also … [Read More...]


The Truth About If You Should Learn to Pickup Women

Pickup... Supposedly the art of "seducing" women. I am sure by now you have watched pickup videos. The internet is loaded with them. Masquerading as "dating advice." Hiding in the cloak of "being social" - though it's not. Did you know I did pickup pretty hardcore almost 10 years ago? It didn't help me treat my social anxiety … [Read More...]


Never Do This When You Meet Someone New for the First Time

We all have our bad habits. All of us. There's a huge mistake I used to make all the time. Today's post is simple and direct, BTW. Straight-shooter advice from yours truly. Looking back, if I knew then what I know now, I would have forced myself to NOT do this bad habit, this really lame thing that can make you seem stuck up or just … [Read More...]


Batman Has No Jurisdiction

Ever see the movie: “Batman: The Dark Knight”? It’s a great movie, very psychological, and… packed with all kinds of ideas on how the mind works and human behavior. For example: There is a part where a money launderer from China flees to his homeland to escape the jurisdiction of the Gothan District Attorney (since the Chinese won’t … [Read More...]


The 3 Biggest Conversation Killers and Why You Should Avoid Them

It is way too easy to KILL a conversation. That is, if you don't know what you are doing. It can get awkward FAST and things can go downhill. While that often has so much to do with your mindset, did you think about the fact that certain topics should be avoided? Today I've got a freshly-baked video for you on that very subject...and … [Read More...]


“Sons of Anxiety”

As human beings we are VERY susceptible to the herd mentality. You know the idea, when grandma says: "Show me who are the six people you most spend your time with, sonny boy, and I'll tell you EXACTLY who you are." I think there really is something to that, especially when you are working towards overcoming social anxiety and shyness and … [Read More...]

Brent Smith

The REAL Secret to Attracting Hot & Sexy Women

I fully admit it. Full confession… One of my weak points has been way too aggressively chasing a woman I liked too much. Of course the women I didn’t like were after me, because I wasn’t chasing them! A Catch-22 and so frustrating. I have come a long, long way in terms of social anxiety and dating and I still get perplexed at times, … [Read More...]

Woman receiving flowers from boyfriend

How to Make Your Own “Luck”

 Let's talk about luck today.How to get lots of it (the good kind). And, how to engineer it so you are never without it. Check this out: One of my favorite parts of the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight" is when Harvey Dent uses his coin that has heads on both sides. It is his way of telling the world that he makes his own luck. (Later … [Read More...]


“Give It to Me Free, You A-Hole” and the Troll I Blocked

Ever heard of a troll? No not the type in fantasy movies, but someone on the internet who tries to bring others down, often to the tune of mean, rude or abusive comments. An internet troll. And no, they are not cute. Well, I got "trolled" just the other day. A guy from another country wrote me an email begging for me to give him free … [Read More...]


How to Be Super-Charismatic When You’re a Shy-Trovert

Most shy-troverted people think they are too boring. You know shy and introverted sandwiched together. They want to be more charismatic. And probably if you think that about yourself, you are probably right! We become what we think...after all. That’s OK though, because it all starts with awareness anyways. So don’t get down on … [Read More...]


Why You Can Win More Friends by Being Boring

I know you want to be more interesting, like the Most Interesting Man in the World. Let me tell you something, that dude is f%$k!ng BORING. I know about one million plus ladies that would agree, too. Everybody wants to be more interesting, have wildly exciting lives, go on big adventures, meet celebrities, etc. And you know what...there … [Read More...]


Going Beyond Thinking Like the Little Engine That Could

It's time to be HONEST with yourself. Do you think you CAN'T...or think you CAN? I am not talking about the small, little self-doubting thoughts that cross your mind. But truthfully which side of the fence are you on, way deep down in your soul? The Little Engine That Could is a children's tale about a tiny little engine that wanted to … [Read More...]


All You Need Is LOVE

That title of an old Beatles song is so true. As cheesy as it sounds, love is a freakin' powerful force that heals many-a-thing. It is a massively creative force in the world. Would you believe that love can be the answer to bringing more confidence, more connection and better people skills? Beeleee-dat, my shy homey. It's … [Read More...]


How to Defeat Dracky the Victimizing Energy Vampire

Ever watch Dracula growing up? Dracky (my pet name for Dracula) is all powerful and can kick some serious ass. Suffice it to say Dracky doesn’t have any confidence problems when it comes to charming his victims or talking to hot chicks he wants to turn into vampires. Except with one thing. That damn Holy Cross! If it wasn’t for that … [Read More...]

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