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New revised edition of the free eBook by David Hamilton, Social Anxiety Coach, former suffer of social phobia and founder of Social Expression. There's no doubt that you are sick and tired of living with social anxiety, and you want to get rid of it once and for all. This eBook describes the fundamental factors I learned in dissolving social … [Read More...]


Shy People Are the Most…

  WARNING: this posting is provocative! It has to do directly with your level of ego entrapment as related to your shyness or social anxiety. And I’m willing to have several unsubscribes happen to take the risk of waking you up to this fact, if you aren’t already awake to it. And guess what? I used to be in the same boat, and it was … [Read More...]


How to Be More Social Today

So I have decided that not every post here needs to be some long, insightful, inspiring post. It slows me down from providing more contact and support here for you, if I always focus on writing an “amazing” post. So I am going to start to send more inspirational snippets, a little more often. Don’t worry I won’t be inundating you too much. It … [Read More...]


3 Secrets to Creating Confidence (and Your Dream Life)

It’s the New year, rah, rah, sis, boom ba. Frankly my friend, I don’t really care about the New Year. I even stayed in when the ball dropped. OK, I went out with friends until 11pm, but then called it a night. I couldn’t be bothered. Let’s get on with it, already! Personally I am already full steam ahead taking action, using my social skills in … [Read More...]

low self worth

How to Gain Confidence When You Have Low Self Worth

Lately I have been diving deep into the subject of authentic confidence. Though I am listening to some audios and going back to some old material on confidence, this is a different kind of deep dive. I am exploring what authentic confidence means not only from an overall standpoint, but even more so, what it means for me, as someone who has … [Read More...]


Why Authenticity Equals Confidence

Lately I have been diving deep into what it means to be authentic. I mean REALLY authentic. I have been having my own personal battles with what it means to be truly authentic, and realize I haven't been. I have been called forth by a trusted adviser and friend of mine, as well as calling myself forward into authenticity with some things I … [Read More...]


The Burden of Being Shy and Sensitive

I think it is safe to say that most everyone here in this community is quite sensitive. The problem that we encounter is this: Too often, we take our sensitivity to be a bad thing, or blame ourselves for being sensitive. I am here to tell you to stop doing that. WE need to respect it. Not complain about it as a victim, but really to … [Read More...]


Three Reasons NOT To Get Over Social Anxiety

I have been called the “blue collar psychologist” of social anxiety. Though I am not trained formally as a psychologist but as a coach, I do take pride in that label. Because I have been in the trenches and also have explored many approaches and techniques on my own. I am a personal development nut, and always will be. I never will be in my … [Read More...]


Taking Social Downtime

As many of you know, I’m a pretty sensitive guy, and also a hardcore introvert (as I like to say). I have learned to overcome my social anxiety be social with the best of them, mainly because I had a strong desire to do so. I looked at social and extraverted people and said “if they can why can’t I?” I spent years getting frustrated, pissed … [Read More...]


Social Anxiety Experts Speak: Interview with Sean Cooper

“Most people aren’t willing to push into their fears.” A young man made this statement to me over Skype just last week. It has been ringing in my mind like a loud church bell, as I write this to you. That young man is Sean Cooper, having overcome his social anxiety at 21 years old. Because though I have overcome a lot of fears including … [Read More...]


Interviews with Introverts: Breaking Through A Lifetime of Shyness with Jodi Chapman

Does being an introvert automatically mean you have social anxiety? Some people say yes. In am sure it introversion does not equal social anxiety, but we introverts are more susceptible falling into a pattern of shyness. It seems to be a rare case that an extrovert has social anxiety, though I have run into people here or there that … [Read More...]


On Being An Alpha Male

Today’s post just for you men out there. As a consciously evolving guy, I know you’ve come across books, articles and blog posts on what it means to be a man, be more masculine or even how to be an alpha male. Whether that is in context at work, in social situations or with women. I personally have never been attracted to this term, but I … [Read More...]


FREE CALL: Master Keys to Social Success for Men

To all the male subscribers - if you want to step your social game with some tips you can walk out of the house with, then check out this free telecall. Click here to listen to the replay. I cover the keys that have gotten me to my level of social success in work, love and life - some of these are definitely what I'd consider "power secrets" … [Read More...]

city of boston

The Boston Marathon Bombing: Is the World a Dangerous Place?

The Boston bomb incident is truly a tragic thing. Three people dead, including an 8-year old. This guy apparently set one bomb off, and then a second to get everyone running from the first. It is just sick. This person is clearly very disturbed and is suffering a lot in there soul. The consequences are coming there's no doubt. But … [Read More...]


FREE WEBINAR: Overcoming The Fear of Judgment

If you have ever been afraid of what others think of you, or that you know they are judging you then check out this FREE webinar Click here to watch the webinar: Handle the Fear of Judgment. In the webinar - I cover six factors that have helped me handle the fear of judgment and build self-confidence like never before. Watch it and get … [Read More...]


Can Free Material on Social Anxiety…Actually Help You?

I was really surprised when I received this email about someone UNSUBSCRIBING from Social Expression. I felt my stomach drop as I read the first sentence. As anyone that runs a blog knows, people unsubscribe for many reasons, but usually it is anonymous. This time the subscriber decided to contact me to tell me why they were unsubscribing, … [Read More...]

stop hate

“I Have Social Anxiety…and I Hate It!”

Have you ever thought… “I hate having social anxiety!  My life would be so much better without it!” I know I have in the past.  I felt very justified thinking that. I even agree that my life is better now that social anxiety doesn’t dominate me any longer – there’s some truth to that statement. But hating and focusing on that fact that … [Read More...]

new year new you

New Year, New Life, New You

I’ve been busy planning my big vision for the New Year, and I’m excited about it. I understand that even thinking about planning a vision to take your life to the next level can be tough when social anxiety thoughts and feelings dominate your days. I’ve been there. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for what you want in life! CREATE … [Read More...]


How To Deal With Rejection

The fear of rejection is something we deal with in social anxiety time and again, and truly all human beings deal with it in life. I would say most people want to avoid rejection. I mean it makes sense right? Who wants to be rejected – it’s the worst thing in the world, worse than even death itself maybe? Maybe, maybe not. The … [Read More...]

socially awkward

Being Socially Awkward – Should You Worry About It?

A big part of social anxiety is being socially awkward, clearly. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing what to say. Not knowing whether or not to hold eye contact. Not knowing how to stand, sit or walk even. You just feel AWKWARD, and you know it shows. But, I think, trying to prevent yourself from being socially awkward is the … [Read More...]

job interview

Social Anxiety and Job Interviews: 7 Steps To Help Prepare Yourself

This is a guest post by Joe from Job interviews are the worst for any of us who go through social anxiety as we do not like the idea of even leaving the house in the first place. Depending on who you are that is, and what level your social anxiety is at. But basically, I have been there and done that. So in this … [Read More...]

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